JM 257 Released

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New Pokemon DLC came out today. Actually not as terrible as I expected it to be, aside from Gamefreak showing off their inability to use a calculator. Again.

The island felt a lot less railroaded than the wild area. The forested parts aside, the level design was definitely less shitty, and even that was better than before. It could probably do with some upscaling though. I’m also not sure why they haven’t fixed the terrible draw-distance issue yet. They really need to start showing things from far away so pokemon stop popping up less than half a second’s worth of travel distance away. It actually won’t even impact performance much, especially if they use LODs.

Plot points this time were actually somewhat entertaining. They actually got a laugh out of me instead of just cringe. Way better than the main story, which was basically a long sequence of facepalms for me. Maybe it was because Klara was bangable. Or maybe I’m mellowing out, dunno.

Balance though, balance is a shitshow. Some of the new moves are ridiculous. Wuxiabear’s evolved form’s ability is also ridiculous, especially paired with his free crits and bulk. Going to have plenty of fun baton passing into him.

The new terrain moves are ridiculous as well. Like, really ridiculous. 70 power prio + grassy terrain boost on top of stab and band is going to be AIDS. As is 70 power doubled on elec terrain, + terrain boost. After STAB, that’s 315 power, which is almost but not quite as high as Fishious on Bullshitovish. Fortunately, the only mon this gen that has it is the stupid sea urchin. And we all know that those are only in trick rooms or sushi. Definitely going to be absolute cancer if Koko comes back into the equation though.

Well, on the bright side, at least Scizor is back. Now if only the game could let me keep pursuit instead of making it completely dysfunctional.

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