JM 258 Released

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Call me a bigot all you want, Cuckmann, but your TLOU2 plot is shit. The gameplay is fine, the aesthetics are great, as per standard Naughty Dog, but you single handedly ruined it.

Sweet little Ellie grew up to be a huge asshole. Joel’s entire character got thrown out the window, and no one likes Abby or the R18 scene you put in just so you could have your self insert screw her. The revenge plot was shit and the message doesn’t actually exist if you have her kill everyone along the way then suddenly decide to forgive her ffs.

If this game had a good writer in charge, it would be great, but as it’s a story-focused game, and the story sucks, the entire experience is completely ruined.

16 thoughts on “JM 258 Released

  1. I think the self-insert is actually the guy who spit on Joel’s dead body and proceeded to try and kill Ellie as he looks just like him.

    Though I heard that he did the mo-cap for that R scene, dunno whether true or not but either way it’s creepy that you have to mo-cap that.


  2. i am with you 100% and the gameplay is fine, but is the same TLOU1 gameplay yeah is more strong and gore the sounds are really heavy and good, is a fun game but that is all, plot shit, character deve is cerooooo, the way then did that to Joel was sooo simple, sooo boring. and the part where Ellie “torture” that girl for info was sooo stupit, Hi im Ellie i Kill 50 people before cath you but hitting this girl traumatized me

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    1. She killed many people in TLOU1 and two before that point. Heck. She fought a boss battle against a dude in a burnong bar 1v1 when she was like 13. She gets cold feet on the killer of Joel? Just so freaking stupid. Should have just shot her and her friend while they were stuck to the poles at the end and not rescue them.

      My big gripe is that the game seems to want to tell me the two people that I grew attached to in TLAU were assholes and that I should feel for this Abby character who’s Father Joel murdered. Heck you fight Ellie AND Tommy as her. I’d take an asshole I grew to like vs an asshole who killed said asshole, any day.

      Newsflash, I as the player of Joel killed her father. And I’d do it again too. Why should I play as his killer? It’s just dumb.

      And on that note: Potential Cure vs Daughter

      What sane individual during the most insane time would pick cure? Especially when there are no actual guarantees it will work. Humanity has fallen Yes. But that does not mean it will stay in its own ashes forever. I would certainly not let a dubious group as the Firefly control the new world either. Ellies like “my life would have meant something” and I can’t believe Joel was depicted as saying Nothing. He should have said “You mean something to the people around you” or some other shit. Just an overall flawed story.

      God this annoys me so much I could rant all day. Game could have been awesome but it isnt. Just like the star wars new trilogy.

      Don’t tell me how to feel about the game/movie. Make a coherent story that makes sense.

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  3. I never would have imagined I’d see the day that Naughty Dog became a pile of dog crap. Glad I stopped with playing games at the moment since I’ve been too busy with other hobbies. For me both the gameplay and story matters with TLOU and with Cuckman pushing his stupid agenda on us gamers is an insult to paying customers.

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  4. TLOU2? Like, The Last of Us 2? You must be hallucinating after so many hours of children’s JRPG, as there was never a sequel to this series. And Naughty Dog got disbanded shortly after they released Uncharted 4, what a great studio it was… Though maybe it’s for the best, TLOU ending was already perfect.

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  5. The only thing good about the sequel was the meme template /v/ shits out every time a scene gets leaked. The Abby choke/buttsexs edits destroyed my sides.


  6. The part that ruined it the most for me is that they threw away anything resembling common sense from their normal character traits like in the first game. No way would Joel come to trust random strangers and give out his name so easily when the dude literally aimed a gun at anyone he basically could in the first game. They definitely did what they did for the cheap shock value.


  7. Been seeing complaints like this from the majority so i believe you, its the people defending it who is the minority on this argument.


  8. lol welcome to the new sony, where clothed tifas assets are too obscene, so they need to be reduced but a porn scene betweeen lbgtq alphabet soup is perfectly fine to be show in all its pukeness.


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