9 thoughts on “JM 260 Released

    1. Well, it’s a MOBA being developed by a chinese company under tencent, and the primary target is android/IOS.

      I don’t think there’s more to be said. Put all those factors together, and you already know it’s going to be trash.

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  1. I’m planning on getting a Switch Lite in the near future. Should I get the newest gen of Pokemon as well? I’m pretty interested in your advice on this and I‘d join you if it actually turns out to be fun. I haven’t played Pokémon since the first generation since it just felt like I was starting the same game over from scratch back then.


    1. If you haven’t played pokemon for a long time, then the latest gen is decent. I think it’s a great throwback for people not heavily invested in the series despite some glaring technical issues and not so good level design. That said, these games are extremely easy compared to the 1st gen ones so I can’t say for sure you’ll enjoy them.

      The games I was talking about in the post are actually the 3ds ones. Unfortunately, not all my buddies actually have the switch game. I’d be willing to put something together for 8th gen as well though, if enough people can be found.


      1. Oh, my bad. Nah, I was just thinking about it if you needed people for a group.

        Thanks for your take. I think you’ve convinced me to get eventually, even if not immediately.


  2. I was disappointed that the reveal was only about the MOBA Pokemon Unite. I was hoping for more info on the new rumors on the net about “Let’s Go Johto”, Diamond and Pearl remakes, and hopefully about the next Gen 9 game! I’d really like to see Mega Evolution/Battle Bond Evolution make a return and be expanded upon, since Z-moves and Gigantamaxing don’t really jive with me…


  3. I’m leasurely playing pokemon Sword and Shield, when I’m not playing P4G on PC. And I will play Catherine Full Body when it comes out on Switch. Preordered the game. That and playing DnD 5e, MTG and board games with my pals.


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