JM 261 Released

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Gunfire Reborn is really fun. It’s what you would get if you turned Borderlands into a rogue-like, and frankly, I like it a lot better than Borderlands 3. It’s probably the first Chinese-made game that I have personally played and not found to be utter trash, and the fact that it’s an FPS makes it only all the more impressive in that regard, as China and FPS games don’t really have much of a reputation together.

The gunplay is on point, and the combination of large heads and travel time on all your projectiles makes the core gameplay loop really fun. Headshots are still fairly easy, but you have to work for them more than you do in a traditional FPS, which in my opinion is great. The dash mechanic, especially when upgraded, and the movement speed (also especially when upgraded) are really nice, and I love how the game diverges from the trash that is the slow-paced cover-based shooter pitfall.

Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t to say that I think the game is perfect. There’s still a lot of problem with pacing and balance, especially with regards to how some weapons are basically completely useless even with what would be perfect enchantments on other weapons. I’d also like something to do with all the progression stuff once you hit cap, and I think there really isn’t enough variety just yet. Moreover, the game really needs to loop like many other rogue-likes instead of just ending after the final boss. I’d also like a little bit more speed by default, and the ability to drop my pistol or pick up more than 2 other weapons. But hey, it’s still early access, so I’m sure a lot will change.

It’s only like 10 USD on steam, so I definitely recommend buying it, and feel free to hit me up if you’d like to play.

8 thoughts on “JM 261 Released

  1. I put my order in for a switch. It should get here the day on or the day after my first nephew is born. I only got the FFVII Remake / FFVIII Remake because I didn’t get to play the original of either as a kid and Daemon X Machina as it’s been awhile since I got to play a game with mechs. I’m going to make sure I beat those before I get anything new so I don’t build up a heavy backlog.


    1. Not recently. I used to play a good bit of Risk of Rain 2, but the scaling really annoyed the part of me that’s good at math, so I stopped. Before that, my favorite were probably the original Risk of Rain and Wizard of Legend.

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  2. ur late to the party, bl3, most 3rd parties studios, sony, micro, socialist censorship pro racist censorship, ur best not preordering anything and even if its a deal doing some reserach, the lateset is that azure was made quiet from sony only to announce the less censored veriosn for switch jp at least in sept, never buy ps4 releases/multi platforms


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