JM 262 Released

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My fire alarm has been beeping very loudly (significantly louder than a vaccuum cleaner) for something in the realm of 40 hours now. Maintenence still hasn’t come to check it out because it was July 4th yesterday (technically 2 days ago since it’s past midnight now, but whatever.)

I know it’s a battery problem, but I can’t replace it myself without getting fined.

I swear I’m going insane. It beeps between two and four times every minute, and I haven’t slept since it started because of how ridiculously loud it is. Fuck. I wish I could go back in time and murder the person who invented these stupid things.

10 thoughts on “JM 262 Released

  1. Make sure they change all the batteries in the house while their at it.
    On a side note often times taping a cottenball onto the hole on the cover some times helps… it does depend on the cover style though. Often times there is a gap all the way around where the noise can escape from… hope it can give you some mesure of peace though.


  2. Oh god… i know that hatred of the fire-alarms…
    Do a quick check of your agreement if your allowed to replace the batteries (standard upkeep) like replacing air filters… that tends to be an open spot in “maintenance” that they drop on the tenant.
    If it’s not…(This is a danger-zone trick) The maintenance guys are required to let You know they’re entering/on their way. You can take the batteries out (only while your home) until they call you to say they’re coming. Then set it back up(when you leave the house or) in a jiffy when they call, enduring minutes instead of hours/days.


  3. Oh… that sucks…just checking but that hate wouldn’t extend to say first alerts founder whould it, or say his son?


  4. > I know it’s a battery problem, but I can’t replace it myself without getting fined.

    Right now there’s a plague going around that gives young folk permanent lung damage or even strokes.

    Change the battery yourself rather than having someone in.


  5. Eh… one could argue that a smoke alarm that is constantly going off renders the apartment uninhabitable, and so, if they’re refusing to fix it in a timely manner and would not let you do so yourself, they usually would have to pay for you to stay elsewhere until they do, or at the very least not charge you rent for the time it is uninhabitable. Depending on your model of alarm, it could also mean that the alarm is nonfunctional, in which case it’s a safety hazard, and thus they definitely would have to pay to put you up in a hotel somewhere else until it’s fixed.

    You could also simply ask to, in writing, get permission to replace it yourself. A lot of the time, that’d work. And as someone else said, it might fall under standard upkeep like replacing air/water filters and lightbulbs.


  6. no idea why you even bother calling em, just change batteries and dont call em in first place lol.
    no idea why pple endure something like this. if no1 is in the forest to hear the three falling, did it made a sound?


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