JM 268 Released

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I can’t decide what to make for dinner tonight. I just got some potato starch in the mail, so I’ve finally got everything I need to make karaage again, but I’ve also defrosted the pork because the starch wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow.

Decisions, decisions…

Goddammit, I’ve been so bored lately that I’ve been wasting >2h on cooking everyday. I don’t even live with anyone. Cooking fancy meals for yourself is kind of a waste of time if anything…

Well, not like I’ve really got anything else to do, since most video games suck.

11 thoughts on “JM 268 Released

  1. I say if you spend 2h cooking and you’re happy with the results it’s time well spent even if it’s just for yourself


  2. Maybe after the social distancing ends,if you have a girlfriend you can try cooking for her! My dad told me that a good way to get a girlfriend is to know how to cook!


      1. The stealth is completely optional outside of certain missions. It’s actually more fun to charge in and fight everyone. The start is a bit of a struggle tho, until you get a few upgrades.


  3. Thank you for allways translating this novel in your free time.
    And thank you for giving your opinions about games and your complaints and opinions in the ways of the gourmet!

    I’m dutch and i always enjoy your commentary about games and food (and i’m autistic as fuck, and i enjoy the pokemons games with a passion now matter how bad they are haha)
    And even if I can’t financially support you as a thank you for your hard work, instead i sent a link for a traditional dutch soup, we call “erwtensoep”, which is a split green pies soup.

    I hope you like it, if not, please bash it in the forword of a chapter, i would love to see it eitherway 😂
    Greetings fromout the netherlands~


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