JM 269 Released

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I hate baseball.

I mean, I hate most sports, since they bore the hell out of me when I’m not the one playing, but this is especially true of baseball. Most of the game is sitting around watching one guy chuck things at a plate, and the guy at the plate fucking up. Every half hour or so, you might get one interesting play. Otherwise, you’re just watching a man handle his balls.

That said, it’s not like video games are any better. Watching professional LoL is like watching a bunch of snails race across your driveway. Literally the least entertaining thing ever due to the length of the laning phase and the sheer amount of time that passes between notable events. I’m not sure if I’d rather watch League or Baseball, to be honest. Neither provides me even the slightest bit of entertainment.

Well, on the bright side, RDO patch launch went pretty well. People simping for Harriet kind of surprises me though. And no, the reason this took so long to come out wasn’t because I was working on that. It was just because baseball. Baseball + me = demotivated and even more cynical than usual.

13 thoughts on “JM 269 Released

  1. Agree 100%. While I can understand the value as entertainment, I cant wrap my head around the amount of money that gets thrown around as well. But yeah,I enjoyed playing on teams as a kid and even as an adult before I blewout my back. Nowadays I can only shake my head at the billions wasted on this entertainment industry.


    1. I understand that sports players have no marketable skills, and that they’re effectively incapable of getting jobs once they retire because they end up with even more brain damage than they started with. But even then, they’re paid way too much.


  2. I feel the same about hockey. Everyone loves hockey, you say… But in fact it’s guys who barelly know how to ice skate straight pushing a small rubber disk on ice. The best highlights are when there’s a fight or when blood starts to show because someone was dumb enough to use his ice skates as lethal weapons.


  3. I think watching pro league, especially worlds, is really useful for getting small tricks down to help you as a player. I remember the first time I watched worlds I was so much better at the game since I started warding better among other things. it can be pretty boring just watching to watch.


  4. Well same here i enjoyed more playing and didn’t understand why it was so fun to watch, but what about fighting sport like boxing or mma ,what do you think about them? or more nish shit like karate or judo. i as a kid enjoyed the hell at out of shit like lucha libre(sorry nose english) wwa or raw, and i still enjoy boxing and mma. it may be because i am a sadistic fucker.


  5. Sometimes I like watching baseball matches when they’re exciting. I remember watching an exciting match 10-15 years ago that was in a big stadium that was really exciting. The most recent 1 I went to was boring since it was a tied match where no big plays were made…


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