JM 270 Released

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I have a love/hate relationship with Disgaea. The grind is fun. But the grind is terrible. But it’s fun. But it’s also 500 hours long. But it’s fun…


Oh well, still a better use of my time than League. I have no idea why I started playing LoL again. The only thing I do know is that I already regret it. I hate this game. It’s not even good…

14 thoughts on “JM 270 Released

  1. XD the heck, love-hate relationship with grinding..

    its ok, you will swing one way soon enough. or just embrace the grinding.


  2. I like it more in 3 where it’s easy to multiply those level up guys in the equipment….damn I have so many max level characters.


  3. I just cheat if the game demands more hours spent on a routine task than I’m willing to give. Or look up the secret ending or fucking whatever they’re hoarding behind their autustic demands on YouTube.

    This doesn’t do anything but enhance the experience so purists gtfo.


  4. the special game modes are the only reason I play league now. normals and especially ranked aren’t fun. well, ranked was never fun to begin with, but that’s beside the point.


  5. There’s no escape from League. My brother uninstalls the game all the time to avoid playing it, he’s back playing it within a week. I just completely disconnect from it for months at a time.


  6. Well you didn’t really miss much over the last 4 years, except Riot finally decided to balance their game somewhat. Unfortunately that killed the draw where you could 1v9 before, now if everyone plays average on your team but one of your lanes’ feeds hard you’re guaranteed to lose even if you absolutely destroyed your lane and made your opponent rage-quit. My brother’s actually gotten good enough to pull that off recently and he still loses a third-half the time because someone on his team fed so hard he couldn’t keep up with the bloated income of the enemy or a teammate absolutely refuses to help the team. All the pros and streamers have bitched about this too so it’s clearly broken all around.


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