JM 272 Released

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I know junk food is bad for me, but I’m really craving it. I just want to sit down, be a potato, and munch on a giant bag of chips.

That said, I’m not actually going to do it because I’m too lazy to go buy chips.

13 thoughts on “JM 272 Released

  1. Lays is doing their try out three wierd flavors thing again, this time its philly cheesesteak, carnitas street taco, and nashville hot chicken. Who knows one might be good.


    1. So it will be another “artificial flavor 1”, “artificial flavor 2”, “artificial flavor 3” set with a weird flavor nowhere near the taste of what it is supposed to be based on (sometimes I wonder if the people who make them never tasted any real food ever)…


  2. I have a few bags laying around because DnD and I don’t eat them when alone… Favorites: anything that taste like bacon and tostitos.
    Hate: doritos, I’m not fond of the taste like feets flavor.


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