JM 273 Released

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You know what makes me kind of sad? Neither Death Match nor CTF are really competitive formats anymore. They’re both too shallow, and the only vector by which players can become more skilled is improving their execution. I miss arena shooters, but esports games have basically killed the genre because it’s possible to feel like you’re getting better at those games by bettering your knowledge as well. The two being naturally at odds is just… disappointing.

11 thoughts on “JM 273 Released

  1. Yeah esports games killed a lot of genres. They are simpler to program as you dont need to make ai’s players will play one map millions of times. You dont need to bother making cutscenes or any real story, just info dump it in text or but vague bits that players will turn into a story. They also get a lot of free advertising. There is a lot of appeal for companies to focus on them and not make more elaborate longer games.
    They also have really spurred on the competitiveness of players with leaderboards and rankings, which is fine for the esports games but kills other games when it carries over, mmo’s get hit hard. Ive had guilds spawn camp me for real life weeks just because they knew that i would have no choice but to ether quite the game or ask for help in global or guild, but that is what they wanted as it basicly started a huge open pvp event.
    There is also the belief that only other players can be interesting or challenging opponents, and that only pvp is worth doing. This belief has been spreading a lot and ive met many who were shock to hear that single player games are even able to be challenging. Needless to say this really hurts single player games.
    I just wish games could shift towards fun and less what is the meta, how can i optimize myself, we arnt machines. Why has playing because so rigid and controled? Whats so fun about throwing away your individual and playing as robotically as possible to be the “best”. There shouldn’t be a right way to have fun.


  2. I’m not so sure if I understand when you say “those games” and “execution” Yes, you are right that DM and CTF are a lot less competitive now but I feel like a significant amount skills from CTF is still necessary in modern shooter games: Aiming, strafing, counter-strafing, spray patterns, strategy, all of which are parts of “execution.” DM is dead but CTF still has some e-sports potential if someone can qualify the game and make it more interesting than a simple CTF


    1. Those are shooter skills in general, as opposed being skills specific to CTF. CTF games have no real flow to them, unlock a game of CSGO.

      Simply put, it’s too simple for there to be any real potential to it, unless we begin adding additional rules as you’ve said, which essentially makes it a different game mode.


  3. If you make a game for E-sports, it has to be something that will entertain spectators. Games with teams are more enjoyable to watch than a free for all. Especially fast action games like a good DM or CTF should be would be bad for e-sports. They would be good for clips and videos, but bad for live spectators.

    Doom has a fairly decent arena mode. Honestly though? My FPS instincts draw me to CS:GO and TF2. I haven’t found a FPS that is more satisfying than those, and I’ve played a lot of them. I always go back to those.


  4. Yeah, the “problem” with CTF and DM for an esport point of view is that it’s not spectator friendly. Honestly, even stuff like LoL/DoTA isn’t very spectator friendly.

    I miss the good old TF2 days, that was my preferred poison of choice 🙂


  5. I’ve never been a big fan of PvP FPS, in the genre I mostly dabbled in ye old Quake, CS (the original one), a mod of an unknow game where you played a lone stealthy alien/predator overwhelmly strong with his very short ranged claws Vs a team of marines with pea-shooters and torchlights, and Golden Eye on N64, but I mostly went why-so-serious-happy-go-lucky, with heafty distributions of grenades, traping rooms with viciously placed mines chains, delayed explosion grenades or going full Leroy Jenkins chain respawning rush with the basic weapon to keep the opponents occuped while my teamates get quietly what is needed to ensure victory.

    I mostly stopped playing FPS after that, as every one that I tried always felt more of the same old stuff but with prettier graphics and saltier players.

    Nowadays I mostly play single player games (many indies) my choice is mostly based on either games with a good story or a fun gameplay (so no place for FPS here ;op), visuals, audio or online functionalities are of no interrest to me so I mostly play action, adventure, RPG, beat them up/all, strategy, 4X, tacticals or local/couch PVP/Coop games.

    So, if I was a little mean, I could say “press F to pay respect” to death match or Capture The Flag games, but of course I won’t because I am not a mean person at all ;o)


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