JM 275 Released

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I wish I wasn’t so cynical sometimes.

But then I don’t because I realize that the people who aren’t aren’t actually happy anyway. They just try to mask it, whereas I’m vocal about my opinion of how literally everything is shit.

On a less disturbing note, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing some game design docs for fun. There’s like 300+ pages of ideas in my google drive now. No end is in sight. Help. I can’t stop.

15 thoughts on “JM 275 Released

  1. lol, happy is only a temporary emotion, everybody has their miseries but nobody wants to wear them on their sleeves because that just looks pathetic. Being critical is fine, but don’t confuse it with pessimism. (>‿<)✌


  2. and even idiots are not happy in the end, because earlier or later some1 abuses them being dumb and steals everything from them XD


  3. While cynicism can often be justified by the repetitive, corrupted, and mistake-filled nature of the world, it doesn’t actually lead to or result in anything. It’s a dead end for thought and growth. Because all that being jaded means is that you think you know more than you do. It’s better to be aware of, in awe of, and striving to comprehend that which you don’t know.

    All that said, I’m not criticizing anyone here. It’s hard to maintain any kind of balanced outlook in normal times nevermind when things are going to hell.


  4. Pessimism can be rather rewarding. While it’s often viewed in a negative light, I suspect that’s largely due to a poor understanding of the people who ascribe to it. By expecting the worst, one can prepare for it, rather than expecting positive outcomes and being routinely disappointed. On the contrary, a pessimist is either always right or pleasantly surprised.

    The difference between cynicism and pessimism is largely semantic in modern society. The primary difference being that pessimism is based on expecting negative results generally, while cynicism expects negative results based on experience. Suggesting that it’s a dead end for growth and thought seems a bit dubious, though I find that most such overly-broach psychoanalytical judgements are based on a very specific set of assumptions regarding patterns of thought that rarely coincide with the circumstances of individual people as opposed to the hypothetical model used as a basis.


    1. Pessimism is the tendency to look at and expect the lesser outcomes in a given situation. Cynicism is a tendency to distrust and/or denounce a given motivation or outcome. The difference may seem small, but it’s quite large.

      And while someone who is pessimistic might be depressed or depressing, it doesn’t stop them from moving forward or seeing the reality of the situation as you pointed out.

      On the other hand someone who is cynical and jaded has a slight, inherent refusal (i.e. skepticism) of reality. That is to say they have to be convinced of the value, novelty, genuineness, etc of what they see. And unlike pessimists, experience only serves to worsen a cynic’s distrust rather than helping to widen their perspective.

      To understand the difference between the two mindsets all you have to do is take them to their hypothetical end.


  5. @ST
    Could you see yourself working at Valve at some point, where projects of personal interest are encouraged (albeit in a less anarchy way nowadays, perhaps)?


  6. If you want to be happy read a lot of different philosophy books. Not from a single school, but try to get a decent grip on lots of different ideas. A lot of them think of ways to be content. That is more of a focus for ancient greek philosophy but was also revisited by a lot of later european philosophers. Learning to be content is perty good.


  7. I’m cynical as fuck, but also pretty happy.

    Mostly because I just really like myself and surround myself with people who like me as much as I like me.


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