JM 279 Released

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I want to be super lazy and just eat nothing but rice porridge with salt and MSG in it for like a week. Cooking is a pain in the ass, and I don’t want to do it because the ventilation in my apartment sucks, and the whole place rises like 5-10 degrees Celsius when the stove is on for more than 10 minutes.

The bath is also too small for me to want to sit in it for hours on end. My last apartment, the bath was where I did half my translations…

13 thoughts on “JM 279 Released

  1. Ay it’s the bachelor life. My condolences. How do you feel about stews? Living on stews is better than porridge at least.


  2. If it’s hot, why not make some nice and heafty salads ?
    No need of a stove for these…

    And don’t go with the “it’s not filling” crap, just have some imagination or go for classics like cured/salted ham, strong cheese shavings, bread/panko crumbs, pine nuts or even all kind of nuts, tomatoes, red onion, salted cucumber, green beens, fried onion, beet, oils and vinegars, fruits you fancy, confit/smoked gizzards or jerky, etc.

    The limit is your creativity (but don’t forget it still must be a palatable mix) !


  3. Breaking news… Nintendo did it again woth the surprise direct… Already preordered Super Mario 3D All Stars… Will get the pins set… Now searching for a sealed physical copy to keep loked up in a vault…


  4. > My last apartment, the bath was where I did half my translations…

    That’s so cute. You was like a teenage girl, writing a romance fanfic on her phone while bathing. Uguu~


      1. Hmm, there are actually pretty good microwave dishes around. At least in Germany, don’t know about the USA.


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