JM 280 Released

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Yesterday was the first time I went on a date with some girl I met on one of them dating apps, and did not find that she was in fact 50-200 lbs heavier than her profile picture would’ve otherwise suggested. Holy shit. I didn’t know skinny people actually existed in this part of the world…

12 thoughts on “JM 280 Released

  1. It’s usually a 50-50 chance, meaning it’s a gamble on what kind of person you’ll be dating. You can’t always depend on a profile picture; things can change for a person. Also some of those pictures might be some old person who tries to bring in potential scam victims, which I’ve heard happens from time to time… If you use the dating app again just be careful. Hope your date also goes well!


  2. So, the legends were true, there are people who don’t lie (too much) on those dating apps.
    Just take care so you don’t wake up in a bathtub without a kidney 😉

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