JM 281 Released

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Author has officially declared this series’ short name to be Maohono. Buuuut his naming sense kind of sucks, so I’m probably not going to use it. It just sounds terrible…

You know what game I play all the time despite hating? Thrill of the Fight. It’s one of the worst boxing VR games of all time, imo, for a whole plethora of reasons. It can’t read my actions quickly enough, is often confused about the location of my fists, has a really shitty knockdown system involving inaccurate force calculations with additional adjustments that actually prevent certain types of punches from doing significant damage, and sometimes, if I punch the guy I’m fighting hard enough, he’ll despawn, and I’ll be forced to wait out 3 minutes or however much time is left in the round.

Dev constantly defends the trash system that modifies your hit force because “hurr durr I want game to play exactly as I intended.” Honestly, people like that should not make games. It’s actually the same problem as TLOU2, in a way. Pursuing a vision over making the game fun and cohesive is actually the dumbest choice a designer can possibly make.

So why do I play this game, you ask? Honestly, just exercise. Wailing on someone makes for a good workout, if they don’t despawn.

13 thoughts on “JM 281 Released

  1. Making a game play “exactly as intended” regardless of what the player finds fun is functionally intellectual masturbation. It’s also what has killed more game series than any other single problem.

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    1. Agree. It’s an easy mistake to make, whether you’re inexperienced or an industry vet with a stick up your ass and an ego the size of Jupiter. But that doesn’t mean it’s not retarded. People really need to get off their high horses and just let games be fun.

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      1. I’m pretty sure a lot of game devs will tone down their ego stroking after the absolute assrape TLOU2 got (at least the big companies). Nobody want to be the next Cuckman.


  2. Your comment reminds me of Battle Brothers. Even the most constructive feedback is disregarded with a ‘mod it’ or ‘get gud’.


  3. If your fist are floating away and losing tracking its because while you punch the battery jostles around and shuts off and on real quick to fix this wrap a rubber band around the battery this is of course if your using a quest or a rift s anything else I can’t help you


    1. The Rift S in general has tracking issues when you move your hands too quickly because of the battery issue you mentioned, but this game in particular is different and constantly has everything get stuck because of the way your hands interact with the environment. It’s actually just trash and a result of the idiot who designed it prioritizing “realism.”


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