JM 283 Released

Chapter <-

>Be me
>Be too lazy to type up a release post
>People freak out and think something happened

Nothing happened. I was literally just eating and enjoying some booze. Speaking of which, I am currently also eating and enjoying booze, even though I’m at work and it’s the middle of the day. Quarantine is going great. Thanks Corona.

8 thoughts on “JM 283 Released

  1. We tend to like exciting things, so when someone is not answering, not write anything when we expect such, well, imagination goes wild, and suddenly there are some exciting possibilities going around. And we might get hooked on that… sorry for any trouble 😀


  2. I’m not a big fan of strong alcoholic drinks. I’m more geared towards alcoholic drinks that have fruit juice in them, like Screwdrivers and Mike’s Hard Lemonade brands. I also like Truly Hard Seltzers…


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