JM 289 Released

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I kind of want to roll for more Klees and Wolves’ Gravestones, but I know it’s a waste of money… The rates are total trash, and I doubt my good luck is going to last.

On another note, I did some math, and I think Royal Grimoire might actually be the best catalsyt in the game at the moment. If you build literally no crit otherwise, it effectively gives you a base crit rate of 34.6%, and building just 20 crit on random rolls on your accessories with no crit mainstat gets you about 50%. That would let you build a crit damage helm very effectively (as crit is most efficient when crit rate = 1/2 crit damage, and a crit damage helm gets you to about 100%).

Note that this assumes refine 5, which isn’t too hard…

JM 287 Released

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I rolled 3 Klees and 2 Wolf’s Gravestones in like $100. Not too bad, for a game that uses an entirely predatory model. Oh yeah, someone was surprised that I didn’t rant about Genshin last time I posted, so I’m going to do it this time.

Exploration is the game’s only upside. Combat is kind of bad, and they really need to either expose the auto aim and let me target a specific thing, or completely remove it and let me aim. I got to floor 10-3 in abyss on AR 35, and honestly the only reason I couldn’t beat it is because the targeting system didn’t let me hit what I wanted to. And I didn’t whale hard enough so I had literally no water damage.

Now that I’m AR 39, closing in on 40, I’m basically hard locked out of playing more than 10 minutes a day by the shit energy system that is also making it so that I’m not even actually that motivated to pull for new characters, but I have literally no resources to use on them. If they want to target PC/Console and not just mobile, they should at least let you keep farming, even if the rates suck. Hell, presenting energy as drop rate bonus gauge or something that gets drained would make people like it much, much more. This is literally what WoW did. I’m also not sure why the stupid world bosses eat energy. That makes no sense either given the awful regen rate. On days where I kill storm terror and wolf, I play even less since each one takes like 30 seconds…

Pity requires way too much spending, and doesn’t even guarantee the thing you want in the weapon gacha, in which there are two featured five stars.

Tying drops entirely to the level of the world players are currently in and not allowing players to play with higher world level friends + disincentivizing players from playing with lower leveled friends literally defeats the purpose of multiplayer. And it could’ve been a quick change since everyone rolls their own loot in a large number of cases anyway. They could’ve just made that universal and let people actually play with each other. Instead, I’m behind all my friends because I refuse to spend $ or fragile resin. lol

Oh yeah, the respawn rate of things in the open world is also ridiculously low. I’m talking specifically about chests. I’ve already gotten all 400/800 in the two areas respectively, and now I basically come across one every other day or so if I bother to explore. They would’ve been better off lowering the rewards on respawning chests and making them respawn en masse so players actually have things to do later on.

The artifacts have like 7 layers of RNG and are super annoying to farm, which is especially annoying because the value of resin rises as your AR rises. There are a billion more things to say and grumble about, but I need to get back to work.

JM 285 Released

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Yesterday, I accidentally went to sleep at about 10pm. That’s the first time I’ve done that in months…

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve been eating literally nothing but apples for convenience’s sake (I bought like $50 worth at $1.09 a pound), which means I’m only ending up with like 800 calories a day or something. Accidental dieting born of pure laziness ahoy.