JM 285 Released

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Yesterday, I accidentally went to sleep at about 10pm. That’s the first time I’ve done that in months…

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve been eating literally nothing but apples for convenience’s sake (I bought like $50 worth at $1.09 a pound), which means I’m only ending up with like 800 calories a day or something. Accidental dieting born of pure laziness ahoy.

11 thoughts on “JM 285 Released

  1. If an apple a day keeps 1 doctor away, how many does a pound of em?

    My favorite are fuji. Juicy and sweet. Dip them in copius amounts of peanut butter and its a decent meal.


      1. Yep, still expensive for being a sale. Did the math and that’s 2,03 €/Kg, which is around the price for good quality non-flashy-brand regular apples (from 1,80 to 2,20 €/kg). Cheap apples here are 1,50 €/kg or less.


    1. USDA says national average (specifically, red delicious) for september was around 1.37 / lb

      at that price, $50 of apples is around 36.5 lb
      further googling says that an apple is around 0.33 lb, for around 110 apples.

      at ST’s prices of 1.09 / lb we get around 45.9 lb of apples
      or, around 137 apples

      also, mor googling says an apple is around 100ish calories (depending on size)
      follow-up googling says that an apple of 0.33 lb (which i assumed above) would be around 78ish calories

      so, ST is keeping almost 10 doctors away a day
      and i’m not sure where exactly i planned on going with this


      1. I meant just cultural shock. Same produce has different prices in different countries. And for some reason, I believed that since the US is a big apple producer, prices would be more reasonable.
        Weird country where fuel is dirt cheap but green produce is expensive.


    1. i did some math, and 800 calories is around 10ish or so apples (depending on size)
      basically, if he keeps this pace, 150 apples will last for around 15 days, well within a month


  2. Apples, particularly in a cold environment, can last for a very long time. As long as any overripe or rotten ones are immediately removed, that is. Before electricity, people would pick tons of apples in fall, put them in a barrel, and drop the barrel in a river. When spring came around, they’d fish out the barrel and the apples would still be good to eat.

    Rotten apples, though, will certainly make the entire batch spoil, since they release huge amounts of ethylene gas, which causes fruit to ripen (and go overripe, and rot) at an accelerated rate. One rotten apple spoiling the bunch isn’t a phrase that came from nowhere. But as long as the bad ones are removed, apples will last for months in cold storage.

    That being said, I’d recommend a multi-vitamin to make up for the nutrients not found in apples, and some source of protein too in order to avoid severe organ damage.

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