JM 286 Released

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I finally hit AR 35 on Genshin yesterday.

Now I actually have content to do. AR 34 was miserable because I was trying my hardest not to burn an excessive amount of resin until I leveled such that I could be more efficient with it. Ugh.

I want more content. I think I’m out of things to explore.

P.S. Paimon is an onahole.

13 thoughts on “JM 286 Released

  1. Im at 22 im just running around collecting any thing that gives me gems for the gacha, story finally getting interesting. Cant roll a Venti bleh x.x but I got Beido which i like very much.


  2. I just got to 35 myself. for some reason all my draw attempts have only earned me Fischel and everything else was either weapons or dupes so aside from artifact and ascension material farming there’s not much left I feel like doing.


  3. You know, I kind of expected a rant on how awful the end game is, or something similar. That said, I’m glad you enjoy it! There was a bit of a depressing trend going on here for a couple months there.

    Paimon best snack.


  4. Just got to lvl 35 yesterday and got Keqing on single pull from Venti banner.
    She’s my main now, 4star alrdy.
    Well, now we have to wait for Resin to fill up. That cursed resin. 8min per 1 resin. Take half a day to refill.


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