JM 289 Released

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I kind of want to roll for more Klees and Wolves’ Gravestones, but I know it’s a waste of money… The rates are total trash, and I doubt my good luck is going to last.

On another note, I did some math, and I think Royal Grimoire might actually be the best catalsyt in the game at the moment. If you build literally no crit otherwise, it effectively gives you a base crit rate of 34.6%, and building just 20 crit on random rolls on your accessories with no crit mainstat gets you about 50%. That would let you build a crit damage helm very effectively (as crit is most efficient when crit rate = 1/2 crit damage, and a crit damage helm gets you to about 100%).

Note that this assumes refine 5, which isn’t too hard…

2 thoughts on “JM 289 Released

  1. I rolled on Klee once and I was lucky enough to get her, but I’m saving my rolls for after the update when you’re guaranteed a 5* after every 50 rolls instead of 90. Plus between xiangling and diluc, you don’t really need any more fire dps. Better to wait for next banner imo.

    Imma try your crit build. It’d be awesome if it really works!


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