JM 298 Released

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My sleep schedule has been really whacky lately. Today, I went to bed at 1pm and woke up at like 7 or 8. I really need to shift it by like twelve hours. I blame the pandemic. Working at home has totally ruined me.

On the bright side, apparently there’s going to be gen 4 remakes next year. I really hope they don’t have the trashy dynamax mechanic… but I suspect they probably will. At this point, I feel like they really need to rework the whole battle system, and maybe even revisit the coliseum format in which there are only double battles. That’s never happening though. The video game industry as a whole is too fucked for innovation these days. Gone are the days where people took risks lost money on 90% of their game development-based ventures. And for established companies, I doubt they’ll ever return. Stability and job security are too important for that.

JM 293 Released

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Sometimes, I wonder if Rebecca Black ever rolls around in her grave when the word “Friday” is mentioned. But then I realize she’s still alive, which if anything seems a bit weird. I’m totally not suggesting I expected her to off herself. Nope, not at all. Not. At. All.

On another note, I lucksacked the shit out of this gacha. 50 rolls = 2 Skyward Harps, a Skyward Atlas, and a Memory of Dust. I just wanted a Rust for Tartaglia… (Btw the guy who did math on Reddit about Stringless/Skyward vs Rust is 100% wrong. The numbers he uses for assumptions are completely stupid and are not directly scalable, nor do they represent any manner of consistency.)

That said, I’m not sure those 50 rolls were worth it, for a Rust, specifically. Tartaglia is really gimped until C6, and I have literally no intention of even getting C1. I just blew on my Pity on him (which was like 15 rolls) because I don’t want Zhongli while rolling for Razor in the next banner.

Everyone seems hyped about how “good” he is, but you literally can’t main DPS him. You need another main DPS in the party for sure, prior to C6, and that’s just a waste of a party slot. Likewise, he doesn’t really do all that well as a character that just drops in and dumps his ult for burst either. Mona and Xingqiu are both way better in that role, with the latter having a 5k% damage ratio + water damage amp.

JM 292 Released

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The next release is scheduled for Friday.

So about Breath of the Weeb, I’m not actually sure if I want to roll some more on the wolf/lost prayer banner before the next one comes around. I kind of want to roll the next weapon banner instead, as I’ve got pity saved up and can casually grab myself a Tartaglia.

The Rust and Skyward Harp seem really good on him. The issue is that I do not want to roll the stupid catalyst in that banner. The only catalyst user that generates shields at the moment is Ning, and I’m literally the opposite of a fan. I think her damage potential is complete trash due to her being Geo and not a more offensive element. I think I’d be much happier rolling a second lost prayer and sticking it on like a Mona or something… Or getting another wolf and refining mine. Idk.

The thing that really annoys me about this bad gacha game is that it’s actually not worse than a lot of the other weeb oriented stuff on the market right now. Most of the games coming out of actual weebland are objectively awful. I have no doubts that FF16 is going to be one of the worst JRPGs ever made given Square’s recent history. It’s kind of sad that the Chinese cartoons are actually taking over…

JM 291 Released

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If anyone on Genshin NA doesn’t mind me raiding their crystals, let me know. Mihoyo’s silly time-based limitations and respawns are making me sad.

New consoles are coming out within the week. I’ve got mixed feelings about them. They’re much faster, and for once their specs aren’t total trash, but at the same time, the console wars and exclusives, etc, are nothing short of obnoxious. There also won’t be any good games on either for a while…