JM 291 Released

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If anyone on Genshin NA doesn’t mind me raiding their crystals, let me know. Mihoyo’s silly time-based limitations and respawns are making me sad.

New consoles are coming out within the week. I’ve got mixed feelings about them. They’re much faster, and for once their specs aren’t total trash, but at the same time, the console wars and exclusives, etc, are nothing short of obnoxious. There also won’t be any good games on either for a while…

9 thoughts on “JM 291 Released

  1. Sure you can hit up my world on Coop. My UID is 608124984. My account is a PS4 account so just make sure you can coop with other consoles/OS in your game settings.


  2. ps5 right??
    i’m waiting for ff xvi and hogwarts legacy
    gonna buy that console when either of those 2 games comes out
    and yeah there ain’t any good games yet


  3. There’s almost always serious problems with the first gen of each console series from Sony and Microsoft. Think I’ll just wait until they release the 2nd gen consoles before I bother.


  4. So the game has a resource called crystals found in certain locations after collecting them it takes 3 days to respawn every player has their own world and you can join others game which means you can harvest in their world


  5. Im down to let you have your way with my crystals if you can let me at like 10-15 of your Nolictus Jades. Idk if you can do cross platform though- you’re in Playstation right? I’m on PC and have no idea if you can do cross platform for playstations.


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