JM 292 Released

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The next release is scheduled for Friday.

So about Breath of the Weeb, I’m not actually sure if I want to roll some more on the wolf/lost prayer banner before the next one comes around. I kind of want to roll the next weapon banner instead, as I’ve got pity saved up and can casually grab myself a Tartaglia.

The Rust and Skyward Harp seem really good on him. The issue is that I do not want to roll the stupid catalyst in that banner. The only catalyst user that generates shields at the moment is Ning, and I’m literally the opposite of a fan. I think her damage potential is complete trash due to her being Geo and not a more offensive element. I think I’d be much happier rolling a second lost prayer and sticking it on like a Mona or something… Or getting another wolf and refining mine. Idk.

The thing that really annoys me about this bad gacha game is that it’s actually not worse than a lot of the other weeb oriented stuff on the market right now. Most of the games coming out of actual weebland are objectively awful. I have no doubts that FF16 is going to be one of the worst JRPGs ever made given Square’s recent history. It’s kind of sad that the Chinese cartoons are actually taking over…

14 thoughts on “JM 292 Released

  1. I’m not so sure I agree with you on ff16; they pulled Yoshi P./Natsuko Ishikawa from ff14 for a bit to work on it. I’m cautiously optimistic, since I enjoyed the writing of Shadowbringers.

    Also on a related Genshin note-if geo is underpowered/has limited waifus using it, I imagine it may get a buff soon. Possibly with a new character release. You could get ahead of the curve? Take it with a grain of salt though, as this is coming from someone with limited experience actually playing the game.


  2. The FF16 preview was as spoilery as the trailer for a Hollywood movie with low producer confidence, so you’re probably right. It’s also clearly trying to be a Witcher/Kingdom Hearts hybrid, which is a really dumb thing for a FF game to do.

    Man, if instead of showing you a cool dragoon and then immediately killing him off, they actually let you be one in an ARPG like this, I’d be hype as fuck. What a waste.

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    1. Generally speaking, a game’s trailer speaks volumes about the gameplay. That is, if the trailer features no gameplay or minimal gameplay, you can tell that the devs have no confidence in how fun their game actually is.

      Moreover, FF in general has just been really bad lately… 14 is the opposite of original in any which way, and 15 was just crap. 13 was basically a walking sim. Final fantasy should’ve ended at 1.

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      1. The gameplay held up until 10.

        Also, if it ended at 1 I wouldn’t have the greatest battle music playlist in the galaxy, or one of the sexiest villains of all time in the form of Kefka, or the tactics sidegames which still kinda hold up.


      2. I agree that the tactics games hold up, but imo, they’re the only ones that really do. Given the fact that series like Disgaea and Fire Emblem haven’t died though, I’d say that’s in part because tactics games are really hard to flub. The formula itself is incredibly fun even if the implementation is very subpar.

        I’ve hated the ATB systems ever since they were first introduced. Imo, they don’t make the game feel frantic, you don’t really have any meaningful skill progression as a player either since you figure out exactly what to use by your like third battle. But they make you feel inefficient, and it makes my OCD scream at me.

        Tbh the only square games I’ve enjoyed in the last 15 years are The World Ends With You (The original DS one only), Bravely Default (not bravely second though), and Octopath Traveler. Everything else, including Dragon Quest, has kind of gone down the shitter imo. I’ve hated all the kingdom hearts games, and I feel like each is just worse than the last,

        Naturally, it isn’t possible to deny that FF14 stands at the top of its genre, but that’s more of a problem with MMOs as a whole these days than it is about FF14 being good. (It’s literally just a clone of what WoW was before WoW went down the shitter…)


      3. 10 did ATB without the ATB and allowed full character customization, and while you do have to put in some effort get over the main character’s cringiness, you have dope summons, anime tiddies and the good kind of hammy VA to help you through it.

        There’s also stuff like 5 with its job system which was fun, whether you want to just fuck about or nail down the most efficient formula, and even 13, as awful as it was overall had some pretty neat worldbuilding, tough I guess that doesn’t mean much if you’re the type who focuses almost exclusively on gameplay. Which is probably your main problem with it, since FF games (and a ton of other good Square shit like Setsuna, Automata, etc.) overwhelmingly focus on the storytelling aspects.

        I can’t believe you didn’t enjoy Monster Energy Supercross though, smh.


      4. The reason I’m judging based off gameplay may just be that I’m almost completely sick of Japanese storytelling, as I find most of the stories too cliche/tropey/bad. Setsuna, for example, is too ridiculous for me in that I cannot believe the characters would actually behave in the way they do. I agree that FF13 has worldbuilding, but fact that it’s a straightline walking simulator completely ruins it for me. The rate at which meaningful content is delivered to the player is absolutely horrible.

        Nier was made by Platinum and just published by Square. Imo, Platinum actually does make good games.


      5. >I’m almost completely sick of Japanese storytelling, as I find most of the stories too cliche/tropey/bad



      6. I’m just saying, I barely read light/web novels anymore. I follow like three series, and that’s it.

        JRPG plots tend to be especially egregious imo. I can’t stand them. Things like Fire Emblem, which are heavy on ludonarrative dissonance are the things I absolutely can’t stand. (Ie. you have the ability to rewind time a bunch of times because you are literally a god, but you only attempt a maximum of once in cutscenes, and you can’t stop easily preventable deaths.)

        Literally the same problem as Aerith and phoenix downs. One can argue that FF characters only get KO’d when they hit 0 HP, even though that’s clearly bullshit, but it’s still inconsistent. Why would getting stabbed through the chest that one time be any different from the billion other times she gets stabbed through the chest?


      7. It’s part of why I tend to stick to retro shit: They were never graphically or mechanically attempting to be that realistic, so it works better. The more sophisticated the graphics, the more involved you get, the higher the dissonance. It’s kind of peripheral to why Half-Life is such a trippy classic with its shitty graphics, whereas the sequel is too technically advanced to evoke that feeling anymore.

        In the case of Aerith, it’s also one of those dumb things you just moved past because the game had enough good things to keep you busy back then, and today it just doesn’t hold up anymore because we know to expect better. You mentioned Kingdom Hearts? Another game the industry just outgrew too much for them to have waited this long to make a sequel for.

        And then another part of it is that they’re too cowardly to move outside the box, but that’s hardly a JRPG thing.

        Fingers crossed for SMT5. Hope they do some freaky Earthbound shit.


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