JM 293 Released

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Sometimes, I wonder if Rebecca Black ever rolls around in her grave when the word “Friday” is mentioned. But then I realize she’s still alive, which if anything seems a bit weird. I’m totally not suggesting I expected her to off herself. Nope, not at all. Not. At. All.

On another note, I lucksacked the shit out of this gacha. 50 rolls = 2 Skyward Harps, a Skyward Atlas, and a Memory of Dust. I just wanted a Rust for Tartaglia… (Btw the guy who did math on Reddit about Stringless/Skyward vs Rust is 100% wrong. The numbers he uses for assumptions are completely stupid and are not directly scalable, nor do they represent any manner of consistency.)

That said, I’m not sure those 50 rolls were worth it, for a Rust, specifically. Tartaglia is really gimped until C6, and I have literally no intention of even getting C1. I just blew on my Pity on him (which was like 15 rolls) because I don’t want Zhongli while rolling for Razor in the next banner.

Everyone seems hyped about how “good” he is, but you literally can’t main DPS him. You need another main DPS in the party for sure, prior to C6, and that’s just a waste of a party slot. Likewise, he doesn’t really do all that well as a character that just drops in and dumps his ult for burst either. Mona and Xingqiu are both way better in that role, with the latter having a 5k% damage ratio + water damage amp.

7 thoughts on “JM 293 Released

  1. Can you lend me some of your gacha mojo or something? The only time I’ve gotten 5 stars is via the guaranteed 1-in-90 BS lol

    Anyway, I agree that Tartaglia doesn’t necesarily start out the best, but at least for me the reason why I’m so intrigued by him is the possibilities for his future. Right now, honestly, there isn’t a perfect team for him. Because you need a solid dps, auto-attacking skills/bursts, and the right elemental & weapon team comp. And that simply isn’t present with the characters available atm.


  2. I combined tartaglia with klee and bennet support. For now it’s safe to say that klee does more damage than him, both at c0 btw.
    But I’m still at low lvl and need a lot artifact upgrade so yeah


  3. Yeah not sold on Tartaglia either. Nice support char and stuff but the other 5 stars outshine him a bit as a main char. Dont care much for Hydro either, already have heavily invested in Mona after all. Didnt roll a single time on the new banner as I still hope for the next one to come out soon.

    Much more interested in their characters, I still want a good polearm character and dont like the current ones, so hoping for Zhongli. Also a decent claymore char would be nice, so it just seems the next banner is much more fitting for me. The current one mainly sells on Diona and Tartaglia and since I already have Qiqi Diona is kinda going for the same spot and Tartaglia is not for me. Also the bow spot is kinda overloaded with the free Fischl now.

    Shit and here I thought I would stop playing long ago. Still going strong with Ar 45 being around the corner. Then finaly efficient artifact farming can start… Dang. Seems like the long run is starting for me. What a addicting game


    1. Tbh I don’t really think Tartaglia is even a good support unless you get C4… Since then he can apply water even while not on the field.

      The only other pole arm character right now is Xiangling, isn’t it? I mean, I understand why you don’t like her, seeing as how Guoba is a better hero character than her, but as a physical DPS, I believe she’s likely to outshine Zhongli given what we know about him so far. This may change based on modifications pre-release.

      I really want to roll the next banner as well, since I use both Chongyun and Razor and would like constellations. Especially for the latter.

      I honestly think Diona is shit. She’d be kind of bad even if Qiqi didn’t exist…


      1. Haha maybe Xiangling will be better but I just cant stand her ingame character for some reason and well, a game is still supposed to be fun. The thing is more a question of getting a 5 star character after all… ~75 rolls for a 5 star and only 100% chance of it being the banner 5 star at the second pity timer is 150 rolls after all. Yeah… But I will try, so far semi f2p with only the 5$ thingy with daily gems once I can be considered lucky with having three 5 star draws so far.
        I am not worried at all about Zhongli being bad though.


      2. I rolled Diona twice in this banner so I can fully vouch for her uselessness. But I’m surprised you’re looking forward to the next banner, given that Zhongli is the defensive Geo element which you’ve already expressed your dislike for. Or are you solely pulling for those claymore wielders?

        Btw, quick question for you since you said you used Chongyun… I thought his elemental skill sounded a bit too good to be true. How does it work exactly? Are you able to efficiently use him as a party member?
        And does his elemental skill apply ICE to another character’s elemental attack in addition to their original element? Or does it just overwrite it completely?


      3. I’m only rolling Zhongli’s banner for Chongyun and Razor constellations. I really don’t care about the five star at all, and I really hope I get a Keqing, Diluc, Jean, Mona, or Qiqi instead…

        Chongyun pressing E makes all melee weapons (except Childe since he’s technically a bow) deal ice damage. I’m not sure how it pairs with something that already has an element, since none of my melee characters can enchant their melee attacks, (I don’t have Keqing or DIluc) but it overwrites physical damage in the case of everyone that doesn’t already enchant.

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