JM 294 Released

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I really need to replace my Rift with a Valve Index, and I would, if VR games were actually worth it. Unfortunately, I basically use it as an excuse to get exercise, and at the Index’s price point, I might as well get a treadmill or an elliptical instead.

7 thoughts on “JM 294 Released

      1. The Facebook data slurp is not enough to sway you? That all your purchases go poof should you close that account?


    1. Then there is the Facebook account thing, having it become a paperweight instead if FB doesn’t like you and so forth. Really don’t like the idea that I need a FB account to use it.


  1. Treadmills give you a really incomplete workout, bruh. Best get out there and actually have your feet grip and push at the ground to propel you forward, instead of the ground moving from underneath you by itself while you tap it with your twinkly little toes.


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