13 thoughts on “JM 296 Released

  1. If you look closely enough into a pug’s eyes, you can physically hear their pleas for euthanasia. Bulldogs, too. They don’t properly breathe once, from birth until their death, and that’s just the entrée in terms of their inborn afflictions.

    That thing used to be a gray wolf less than 50000 years ago for fuck’s sake, which is an evolutionary eyeblink. Just how many dogs with dwarfism in a row had to fuck each other to get like that, Alabama style? It’s seriously twisted that they’re still a thing.

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  2. Just remember that chihuahuas (the vibrating rat some people dare to call a dog) and hairless cats (nightmare fuel abomination) exists…


      1. When I was in art school, one of my teacher brought a sphynx (the fancy name for these naked cat aberrations) for a sketching session, after around an hour, while some were making joke about how ugly it is and that we won’t get better at drawing fur this time the critter made a yawn and everybody suddenly went dead silent…

        If a soul serie monster designer got a bad day and vented on a monster design, sent it to a bad 3d artist with parkinson desease, then the animator that took over the 3D model pushed all the sliders he had available to full throttle and the game got a rendering bug throwing random vertex awry you could have something that looked close to (but would probably still be cuter) this hairless cat yawning…

        It was as if a melting pot of horror movies creatures made an orgy, got and inbreed spawn from it, found it way too ugly, demoulded it too early and thrown it down the staircase while it was still warm and malleable for good mesure.

        So, TLDR; I don’t find them that hilarious ;op .


  3. I find them adorable, but at the same time I pity them and also think they should not exist, there’s a movemone to make them extinct by making them sterile, as they have too many problema and they just come to suffer


  4. It’s the fault of 20th and 21st century breeders. Pugs are one of the dog breeds whose breeding specifications changed to have them have a flat face. They originally had longer and healthier snouts, and a healthier overall shape. Humanity as a whole doesn’t care if a given trait is in fact a painful genetic disease as long as a potion of the public thinks it’s cute.


  5. Blame the weird people who keep buying those freak animals, the idiots that pay for the most genetically faulty “dogs” for some reason, strange and stupid reasons. Because such fools have money and the will to pay, breeders are really happy to create more unreasonable and immoral things that can barely be called living beings. A street dog that sleeps outside and chows down on bread is the real deal.

    There are some examples of more natural dogs of those species (like the Chihuahuas – aka vibrating rat-dog of doom – and bulldogs and similar looking breeds). One of the youtubers I’ve been following for a long time has a Chihuahua that actually, brace yourselves, looks like a dog, even better, now grab onto something just in case, that dog can look at someone… with both eyes… a Chihuahua whose eyes work normally… It seems they do exist (the youtuber is The Mighty Jingles).


  6. Pugs struggle to breathe from the first to last second of their life. Their owners think the choking sounds they make are cute. No, they are actually choking. These people are enjoying suffering.

    They think their snoring is cute. They suffer from sleep apnea and as a result have permanent lower quality sleep.

    They live 24/7 feeling like they’re a step away from asphyxiation. Their life is pain.

    They are predisposed to a litany of respiratory illnesses and as a result they die early. No, that’s not just “their lifespan”, health issue after heath issue gradually wears them down until it kills them.

    Those saying “not all pugs” have health issues – ask them why breeders won’t accept liability for breed-specific vet bills. They sidestep the cruelty inherent in their business by hiding behind the unfortunate fact that the law still treats pets as *property*; but then they handwave that in any other situation they’d be considered to be selling defective merchandise.

    Other pug “fans” say that would make them too expensive and literally end the breed. Bullshit.

    Here’s why: if you look up old pictures of pugs, their nose is fairly regular looking like any other dog, the scrunched up face that’s the cause off all the problems is a modern invention. In some way that’s the worst part. It doesn’t have to be this way. It never did. But the face is their selling point, what makes them money. Abhorrent.


  7. “God” agree’s with you. Because Pugs where made by humans and are in breed abominations maintained by humans – like almost all dog “breeds”


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