7 thoughts on “JM 297 Released

  1. I can recomend the 3220DGF pretty damn highly if you dont mind curved. Maybe it won’t happen for BF, but they drop down $320 real regularly. I run 3 on my racing sim and they are a fantastic mid point for responce and OOTB color accuracy/tuning and picture quality.


    1. I normally do used curved monitors, but I’m looking for one I can turn on its side in this case, so something that’s curved won’t actually work. Vertical curved monitors are just… wrong.

      More importantly, I don’t trust anything Dell makes. Period. The only reason I’m looking to get a monitor in the first place is because the Dell I bought and already had RMA’d once last year is being unreliable. Thinking back, I’ve literally never had a piece of Dell hardware live more than 1.5 years, including an alienware laptop… This monitor was more or less the last chance I decided to ever give them after literal years of being burned, and it totally flopped.

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      1. As much as I agree with you about high end companies (in this case tech companies) making built-in obsolescence a major-BS part of their business plan… I would query you on this:
        Exactly what company would you consistently trust to put quality products that aren’t overpriced, underutilized, gimicky, fad-ish, fragile, falsely-advertised, and intentionally flawed? Personally, I can’t think of a single company either domestic or foreign that I would trust to deliver goods that don’t fall into several of those categories…

        Mercantilistic transactions are built on trust, and in this day and age, I really just don’t trust the business world not to screw with consumers in some form or fashion on a consistent basis (especially in terms of the end products). But the fact is that a global communicative market forces consumption. The best one can do is to try to do their research and make the best informed purchase they can at the time (i.e. the one at the shallowest end of the trough/sewer with the least amount of crap stuck to it).


      2. With regards specifically to monitors, I’ve had decent experiences with Asus, Samsung, and MSI.

        I personally don’t mind gimmicky or (slightly) overpriced products as long as they don’t die like Dell products. I would not be surprised if half these parts literally came out of a dumpster.


  2. got myself a samsung C27HG70 a few years ago. at 500+€ it was relatively expensive but I can’t say I wouldn’t pull the trigger on it again if I were to go back. Great experience, especially in the few FPS I play, only complain is the bad color calibration and a few bright spots. The real bonus tho was stopping havin headaches due to the choppiness I had on my previous crappy display.


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