JM 298 Released

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My sleep schedule has been really whacky lately. Today, I went to bed at 1pm and woke up at like 7 or 8. I really need to shift it by like twelve hours. I blame the pandemic. Working at home has totally ruined me.

On the bright side, apparently there’s going to be gen 4 remakes next year. I really hope they don’t have the trashy dynamax mechanic… but I suspect they probably will. At this point, I feel like they really need to rework the whole battle system, and maybe even revisit the coliseum format in which there are only double battles. That’s never happening though. The video game industry as a whole is too fucked for innovation these days. Gone are the days where people took risks lost money on 90% of their game development-based ventures. And for established companies, I doubt they’ll ever return. Stability and job security are too important for that.

5 thoughts on “JM 298 Released

  1. I’m just gonna not buy Pokémon games that have dlc. S&S was the last straw for me. Putting up an incomplete game then adding paid dlc is the reason the gaming industry is going to shit.


      1. You usually tend to have pretty high standards and strict expectations when it comes to gaming. Personally, while I disagree with some of your takes I appreciate the viewpoint of someone much more knowledgeable on the subject.
        But I don’t understand why you say you’re okay with one of the scourges of modern gaming in the form of DLC. For me that predatory practice is almost as bad as loot boxes and the like.

        I would say that greedily squeezing extra cash from the consumer for DLC’s to make a “finished game” an actually completed product is practically the same as the belated patches and updates made long after the game’s release. The only difference is the direction of the abuse of the gaming industry. The former is directed at the consumer and the latter toward their own employees.


      2. Without DLC, a $60 price point is difficult to maintain to say the least. AAA game prices would’ve drastically inflated long ago. Many people in the industry feel that the recent shift to $70 is actually not an aggressive enough push, and that they need to make games cost way more while maintaining a similar quantity sold to afford the ability to comfortably invest in new products without resorting to scummy labour practices. The initiative to keep game costs low is one of the most significant contributors to unpaid crunch. It may be worth keeping in mind that a significant portion of the cost of a game is straight up stolen by middle men. It’s gotten better recently, but even digital retailers like steam used to demand 30%, which is nothing if not ridiculous.

        With DLC, you can at least only pay more if you happen to already enjoy the experience
        and want more. In the cases where it’s developed post launch, it keeps people that would’ve otherwise been laid off employed while the company ramps its next major project into production. In some cases, I also feel that DLC releases can give you a reason to go back to a game and give it greater longevity. For example, I recently got more mileage out of the DOOM Eternal DLC by replaying the entire game while I was at it. While I personally don’t think that the game was incomplete prior to the DLC, I can certainly see the argument being made that the DLC provides it with some of the challenge levels that it sorely lacked, and is therefore an integral part of the experience.

        That said, I certainly do agree that DLC can be predatory if the devs are scumbags, which is unfortunately a rather frequent occurrence. Mobile games still existing is pretty much all the evidence required to assert this claim.

        Note that many of the above arguments only apply to true AAA titles and not cheaply made garbage like Pokemon.

        There is also certainly something to be said about potentially not making games that are not sustainable at the $60 price point. The industry could very well cut back on graphics and invest in simpler 3D models that don’t take literal months to make and texture. Unfortunately, however, that also happens to be what sells, and if there is profit to be made, people will look to grab it even if they have to resort to being scummy.

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  2. Whoa, slow down. The game industry is full of inovations recently. There has never been a time where the companies had so many different ideas how to monetize their products. Every few months there is a new way how to pay more.

    Or wait… you mean gameplay inovations? Yeah… no. Next to none there. Besides technical upgrades ofc.

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