JM 314 Released


Today’s the 12th day of Christmas.


Also, Albedo is meh. People seem to be hyping him. I think he’s not great. Had a friend test, and C2 only buffs ult damage. He generates a lot of energy for himself post C1, but not so much for anyone else.

If anything, I’m much more excited about Ganyu’s ult only being 60 energy now instead of 80.

Anyone got recs for games on the steam sale? I’m bored out of my mind and have another 1.5 weeks until I need to go back to being a functional adult.

JM 311 Released

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4 more days until Santa empties his sack for the children after saving up for a whole year.

Also, looks like mihoyo is trying to bait people into rolling for Albedo by putting both the steroid 4 stars in his banner… I was really hoping Bennett would be in Ganyu banner instead. I guess I’m going to get C1 Bennett and C0 Ganyu and call it a day, in that case. No whaling for me, no siree.

I actually would’ve been more willing to spend a decent amount if they were in the same banner. I guess I’m buying a Valve Index instead, since my Rift S is dying.

JM 310 Released

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Geo buffs looking pretty decent. It’s actually the best resonance in the game now, albeit at the cost of making it such that you can only do 1 elemental reaction with the rest of your team…

ZL buffs themselves are not bad either. If you’re building attack, the scaling on his basic attack is more or less equivalent to an R1 crescent pike. Now he’s at least an auto attacker instead of just trash. Both his skills still kind of suck though.

On the other hand, these changes make Albedo much better than I was anticipating him to be, since he’s basically the only Geo support, meaning you’ll probably need to run him for your resonance… Still heavily depends on whether his C2 increases all damage or just ult damage though.

JM 309 Released

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I know they’ve already said that they’re releasing Albedo next, but I think they really shouldn’t. Two geo characters in a row is two too many…

I know it’s technically possible to do 2600% of your defense as damage over the course of 30 seconds (at skill level 6), and he is definitely better than Zhongli in that regard, as he doesn’t really need to be on the field as long. But at the same time, it’s actually utter crap when one considers that it’s geo damage, and takes a whole thirty seconds for all of it to come out.

His ult is way better than Zhongli’s, but the partially scaling off defense thing really ruins it. His C2 does look pretty good, but all in all, I don’t really think that he’s a character that’s worth it. Maybe if his C6 was free…

Of course, this is a preliminary evaluation based on mihoyo’s footage + leaked numbers, so take it with a grain of salt. I could very well be completely wrong, and he could be a lot better than I’ve given him credit for.