JM 299 Released

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Today I realized I have a thing for girls who are hopelessly pathetic, like Flanvia’s heroines. God, what is wrong with me…? Must be a symptom of getting sick of people wearing figurative masks irl. The literal ones are fine, of course.

On another note, my downstairs neighbor has apparently started to get really annoyed with me playing Ring Fit and boxing in VR. I have no intentions of stopping. Pissing him off is entertaining in its own right.

6 thoughts on “JM 299 Released

  1. You are one of us (sleep deprivation to the point where night and day activities get switched?)
    I usually stay up playing games reading manga and novel or watching anime until around 2:00-4:00 am get 2-3 hours of sleep and go to work get back around 5:00 and go to sleep wallow up around 9:00 and repeat the process over and over again


  2. Wait, I thought Flanvia was the guy who did a bunch of Touhou NTR doujins. What’s this about masks? I didn’t think he did a Hata no Kokoro one…


      1. I don’t really know either of those works, but past a certain age bracket of mental instability and raging hormones being a degenerate is pretty pathetic isn’t it?


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