JM 300 Released

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I’m starting to feel old. My body doesn’t handle caffeine as well as it used to. Literally two years ago, I could drink two large ass mugs of coffee without any side effects. I could even go to sleep like an hour after without any issue. Nowadays though, drinking even just one mug makes me kinda jittery for a good few hours. And I suffer from caffeine withdrawl.

This is awful.

10 thoughts on “JM 300 Released

  1. I dropped coffee altogether at some point, and once the headaches were over it was great. Less stomach problems, a distinct absence of errant twitches and just way more chill in general. Probably some more awesome stuff that slipped past me too.

    It’s also the prerequisite to learning to love the morning drowsiness when you don’t have stuff to do. That weird mindset is conducive to some pretty fun and out there idea-making or just setting yourself up for a good rest of the day. Fun fact: you can masturbate to the fading remnants of non-wet dream-thoughts you’ve had and come really, really hard (and fast too, thanks to the power of morning wood).


  2. Why not switch to either soda or tea? They both have caffeine in them and work great at keeping you awake. I prefer tea since it’s not fattening in the least, and tea bags come in different flavors.


      1. Honestly, I would just recommend trying the simplest solution… that is to say dilution. Caffeine is unquestionably the most mainstream commonly accepted drug of choice. But just like any other drug, your body builds a tolerance to it and/or the effects change as we age. Changing dosages is one key way to experiment and see how your body reacts.

        To help work off some extra energy you may get from the caffeine I would also recommend a small set of exercises to get your blood pumping like a quick jog, push-ups, etc. Or if you dislike those/feel too jittery try the opposite end of the spectrum with more slow, relaxing exercises/meditations.


  3. I hate hot coffee because it makes me acidic, jittery and wide awake for the whole day. That’s just from a cup of unsweetened black coffee, in the morning after breakfast. Iced coffee though, i can drink it jut fine, just not too much.

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  4. nowadays i prefer tea.
    last time i drunk coffee, im fell asleep immediately.. guess im old? XD

    anyway, thank you for the translations.
    do keep your health up, nekorona is still around. stay safe!


  5. I switched to black tea several years ago. Started with Assam and switched to Darjeeling later on.
    Since we have hard water here Earl Grey dont taste as good since the most tealeaves dont handle hard water well.


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