JM 301 Released

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Zhongli sucks. Probably in the bottom third of the characters in the game in terms of power level, including all the four stars… And to make matters worse, he’s kind of like a jack of all trades type in which he doesn’t have a real speciality. There’s literally no reason to ever pick him over anyone else for any position on any team unless you don’t really have any other choice.

15 thoughts on “JM 301 Released

  1. He is meant for protecting the team, not slaughtering enemies. He isn’t the best with the games current settings but he does have his uses. I can imagine more features will appear in future updates that truly make use of his abilities.

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    1. His shield is useless. Even if you max him with 50k hp, he still only gives you a 15k shield once every 12 seconds. Bennett heals 5k ticks every second while being half as built. Likewise with Qiqi and Jean. Healers in general are just way better at providing sustain.

      The only use case for Zhongli is the case in which he is required to prevent someone from getting one shot, which is highly unlikely given that not even floor 12 anemoboxers can do this to my undergeared level 60 characters with +0 artifacts. And even in that case, there are characters with better shields. Xinyan, for example, reduces physical resistance and boosts physical damage with hers. It also gives you the opporunity to proc vaporizes on a number of occasions afterwards without switching back to your fire character.

      Likewise, Diona’s is on a much shorter cooldown despite having a similar shield value. She also functions as a healer and provides the team with ice debuffs, which is super useful for both physical and fire-based attackers. If you ramp up constellations on both characters, she becomes capable of providing an EM boost, whereas he only gets a pathetic heal… If they don’t change him, there will literally never be a scenario in which he isn’t just a horrible last-ditch substitute for another more useful character.

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      1. I would categorize Jean as a great jack-of-all-core-trades rather than a healer. Yes she heals, but that can be made just a supplementary part of her game rather than her focus. But yeah you can’t help but notice the incompetence on the part of Mihoyo’s character design team. Because every single specialized character is head and shoulders above the others (although I would place Jean as the exception, but that might just be my bias). And balancing the game and making basically every character usable is kind of the purpose of the Character Design Team in a game like this (aside from aesthetics obviously).


      2. Jean is great imo. She’s an effective jack of all trades because she’s actually fully functional in every one of her roles, and there’s a reason you would choose her over an alternative.

        Jean + Venti comps are especially deadly, and are generally considered one of the best comps for floor 12’s first half.

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      3. So the thing is, they cant alter him for legal reasons. Several countries made it illegal for gacha games to alter character, because if someone whales for a character and they then nerf it, they are taking the paid for product away and replacing it with somthing else. Sadly this does afect buffing as well. Thought gear buffs could be workarounds. Interestingly characters like amber who are just given can be both nerfed and buffed.


    1. In most domains, my party always ask me to use Ningguang, since she’s my main DPS and she generates so many shields, it really helps with other DPS survivability.

      Ningguang is love, Ningguang is lyfe.


    2. Well, I got Ningguang as my main DPS too. Haven’t bothered with completing artefact for my Diluc and Klee. Also my team always ask me to use Ningguang on domains, because it’s a good DPS, but more importantly, she gives tons of shields that can help my other teammates survivability,


  2. Holy shit yeah he is bad. I never thought it possible for a “story main character” and hype beast to be released in such a horrible state. And then even more so considering he is kind of the god of the ingame equivalent of china, I would have betted money that some form of national pride would never allow them to make him so… so bad.

    Wow, just wow. What the heck where they smoking? And next 5 star unit is another geo. Yeah.. no way in hell is this in any way healthy to the game. Right now untill christmas is what I was expecting to be the decisive time for the longivety of the player base. I mean sure, another overpowered venti that is almost a necessity to have for time trails 9 star runs might have also been weird for the game but at least it would have felt amazing to have it instead of pulling a goon only usefull for overworld mining.


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