JM 309 Released

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I know they’ve already said that they’re releasing Albedo next, but I think they really shouldn’t. Two geo characters in a row is two too many…

I know it’s technically possible to do 2600% of your defense as damage over the course of 30 seconds (at skill level 6), and he is definitely better than Zhongli in that regard, as he doesn’t really need to be on the field as long. But at the same time, it’s actually utter crap when one considers that it’s geo damage, and takes a whole thirty seconds for all of it to come out.

His ult is way better than Zhongli’s, but the partially scaling off defense thing really ruins it. His C2 does look pretty good, but all in all, I don’t really think that he’s a character that’s worth it. Maybe if his C6 was free…

Of course, this is a preliminary evaluation based on mihoyo’s footage + leaked numbers, so take it with a grain of salt. I could very well be completely wrong, and he could be a lot better than I’ve given him credit for.

13 thoughts on “JM 309 Released

  1. Nah you’re probably right. Mihoyo hasn’t shown much, if any, of a tendency to change/improve their plans once they’ve set their minds on something. I will say that they’ve shown an unusual willingness to poll their players and accept feedback, but it doesn’t count for much if they don’t change their behavior and truly consider the constructive criticisms.
    I will say that Geo as an element is currently very bad simply because of the way they’ve set up the elemental affinities, reactions, and overall relationships, but if they changed a few things they could have 7 elements that are all worthwhile in several respects (instead of just 3-4).
    Sadly, it doesn’t seem they’re interested in logically balancing the scales of the game settings so this is a moot point. Currently, the only decent fit for the Geo element is with a pure tank (i.e. Noelle) and even there she would actually be improved solely by having her element be one that can actually interact nonpassively with the other 6.


  2. It’s because geo was setup to be jack of all trades master of none. It’s decent against all elements, but doesn’t destroy one particular element. They just have to make a decent geo 5 star that doesn’t rely on shielding everything, like Ningguang. Ning absolutely shreks when built for dps.


    1. I don’t agree with that. It’s more like wind is the jack of all trades. Geo is meant to be more defensive, which does not work.

      As for Ning, she has lower damage potential than basically every other DPS character. She’s not terrible per se, but if she was literally anything but geo, she would be significantly more powerful.


      1. Hmm good point, both geo and anemo need the other party members to set them up to do properly. Anemo needs the other elements to proc from, Geo needs the elemental resonances to improve dmg to same level as the others. I’m running Ning/Noelle/Xiangling/Bennett on the second team, for the 40% total dmg increase, so Ning is doing really well in the abyss. For the anemo, i really havent been using venti much just because having using a Hydro character is more of a benefit in the abyss. It doesnt help that venti doesnt suck up klee’s mines.


  3. Sorry to interrupt you while you’re going full whale mode on your favorite gatcha game, but you went from chapter 307 to 309… Is chapter 308 a calendar event based chapter like the one for halloween ?

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  4. Yep, absolutly a case of skipping the banner. I will probably draw a bit untill nearing pity increase which happens somewhere at 7X non 5star draws if the 4 star characters are something I need but otherwise complete skip. I will not risk a perfectly good pitty draw on another geo char. Also no dropping money on them untill they fix their old shitshow that is Zhongli / Geo being bad.


  5. Well they are changing how the geo shields will act and improving the geo resonance in addition to buffing Zhongli so maybe geo won’t be as bad anymore


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