JM 310 Released

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Geo buffs looking pretty decent. It’s actually the best resonance in the game now, albeit at the cost of making it such that you can only do 1 elemental reaction with the rest of your team…

ZL buffs themselves are not bad either. If you’re building attack, the scaling on his basic attack is more or less equivalent to an R1 crescent pike. Now he’s at least an auto attacker instead of just trash. Both his skills still kind of suck though.

On the other hand, these changes make Albedo much better than I was anticipating him to be, since he’s basically the only Geo support, meaning you’ll probably need to run him for your resonance… Still heavily depends on whether his C2 increases all damage or just ult damage though.

7 thoughts on “JM 310 Released

  1. Wohoo geo buffs! Might actually consider rolling for Albedo now, to replace noelle in my b team. My friend just uses zhongli for ult spamming, since its so cheap.


  2. You could run Ningguang as dps and Zhongli was support to get your resonance too. Along with two other elements for reactions


      1. His ult’s ratio is lower than similar ults, and due to its inability to proc reactions, as well as the inability to reduce Geo res, it does less than a third of the damage.

        Stopping enemies in their tracks is not useful when you can one shot even the enemies on abyss floor 12-3.


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