JM 311 Released

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4 more days until Santa empties his sack for the children after saving up for a whole year.

Also, looks like mihoyo is trying to bait people into rolling for Albedo by putting both the steroid 4 stars in his banner… I was really hoping Bennett would be in Ganyu banner instead. I guess I’m going to get C1 Bennett and C0 Ganyu and call it a day, in that case. No whaling for me, no siree.

I actually would’ve been more willing to spend a decent amount if they were in the same banner. I guess I’m buying a Valve Index instead, since my Rift S is dying.

2 thoughts on “JM 311 Released

  1. Yep great 4 stars. That said unless you need Fishl 6c the main motive of this banner is How to avoid the 5 star. Already got c1 Bennet and c2 anemo girl, so complete skip for me.

    Having to wait at least 2 more months until maybe possibly geo isnt total shit doesnt help.

    Actually it doesnt feel like pulling anything atm would help much, after you got a somewhat working 8 character team a new character would need to be super strong to invalidate one of your decked out lvl 80+ chars. And screw getting a 5 star one to higher constelations, I would rather stop playing then having to sit through 500+ shit pulls.


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