JM 314 Released


Today’s the 12th day of Christmas.


Also, Albedo is meh. People seem to be hyping him. I think he’s not great. Had a friend test, and C2 only buffs ult damage. He generates a lot of energy for himself post C1, but not so much for anyone else.

If anything, I’m much more excited about Ganyu’s ult only being 60 energy now instead of 80.

Anyone got recs for games on the steam sale? I’m bored out of my mind and have another 1.5 weeks until I need to go back to being a functional adult.

9 thoughts on “JM 314 Released

  1. I was saving my character pity for when Ayaka comes out (Just a fan of Saori Hayami’s voice), and I did a 1 pull on the Albedo, got him. I’m so pissed that it was only 16 pulls in, and now I have to burn resources so he can function as a good support.


      1. God, I love when wordpress tells me that my comment hasn’t actually posted, and I do the boomer reposting.

        My b, and also I do love those thighs.


  2. My recommendation would be Outer Wilds. Relatively short, fantastic exploration/puzzle game. It’s like a metroidvania, but instead of powerups, your accumulated knowledge of the world is what allows you to progress. If that catches your attention, try not to spoil yourself looking up details; going in blind was great.


  3. All the Disgaea
    Sacred 1 and 2
    Tower of time


    Hollow Knight

    Europa Universalis IV
    Hearts of Iron IV
    Cities: Skylines

    All the Devil may cry

    Rimworld and factorio are great, they never get any big discount but the price isn’t hight.


  4. Hades has a small discount. Considering it is a cheap game to start with, well worth finding out what all the hype is about ($25 USD normal, $20 on sale). Old Command and Conquer revamp (basically unchanged) is on sale for cheap ($5). Great soundtrack. Everspace is a huge 85% off ($5). With Everspace 2 coming out soon its probably trying to generate some interest. Jedi Fallen Order is 60% off, if you haven’t already played it.

    Bastion ($2) is an old favorite of mine. Great story, short game. Recettear: An Item Shop Tale is 80% off ($4) and another of my old favorites. Its a mix of business sim and dungeon exploration. You can totally ignore the dungeon part of it if you want.


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