JM 326 Released

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I’m out of games to play again. Thinking about picking up either Skul or Noita, but I can’t decide which. I’d get both, but I think I’ve been playing more than my fair share of roguelikes lately, and I’m probably going to get bored of them soon.

Why can’t the next big MMO release sooner?

Honestly, the one I’m really looking forward to right now is the Project BBQ, but I highly doubt the west is getting that for another like five years. And honestly, I’m probably not really looking forward to it as much as I think I am at this moment. Unfortunately, being highly critical of games is a skill I need to retain, else I could be a lot less of a grinch.

JM 324 Released

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Send help. Quarantine is making me fat. Ring Fit and Beat Saber aren’t enough. Jogging outdoors isn’t helping either. I’m losing muscle mass at a pretty unsettling rate given that I can’t camp at the gym for like an hour or two a day anymore (or even go at all because it shut down altogether), so I can’t eat as much as I’m used to eating without suffering… consequences. Maybe I should buy an elliptical…

On the bright side, I’m getting better at cooking. My repertoire has expanded significantly since quarantine began.

JM 323 Released

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The halfgoat is broken beyond belief. Does nearly double Diluc’s DPS on a single target and makes him look like a child if paired with someone capable of grouping mobs together. The ult is capable of doing 3500% damage to every target in a mob at skill level 1. That’s even higher than XQ’s single target damage.

I guess they wanted to avoid another Zhongli situation now that they’ve finally put out a girl (that isn’t a literal child.) Albedo was pretty bad too… Literally negative damage for well geared melt/vape comps.

On the other hand, given numbers and leaked info, I think Xiao’s probably going to be really bad unless you can get him to C6, at which point he becomes about as strong as a C4 Diluc. Prior to that though, you might even be better off with Razor…

JM 322 Released

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Time to whale for the stupid half kirin. I’ll probably post some thoughts when next chapter gets released, but I’m fairly confident that I know exactly how it’ll go even without touching the character myself given all the leaks and whatnot. Her numbers look ridiculous, and she basically completely outclasses the five stars in the three banners that preceded hers.

Really wish she still had cryo damage instead of crit damage as her ascension bonus, but I suppose it might not be an issue if Ascension 4’s bonus applies to her ult… That’s probably the first thing I’m testing.

JM 321 Released

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I didn’t end up coming up with any better really awful jokes that worked, so Loredaemon it is. I was stuck between that and Deemunlawd for a long time, and decided that while the latter was more amusing, it was also too memey to fit in this particular situation.

On another note, I think I’m finally done messing around with Hades. Fun game. I wish there was a little more variety and that the combat was a little less traditional or more fluid. There was a bad eastern MMO I played a while ago that implemented this type of combat in a way that was much more entertaining than is typically done in the western sphere. I believe it was called HeroWarz, and it was effectively more actiony while retaining the same set of concepts. Game itself was horrible, but their approach was something I feel like Hades’ devs could’ve benefited from analyzing, as Hades was far too easy to master for veterans of the genre. Though, I suppose few would know of such an obscure, poorly received game, let alone bother studying it. Another minor gripe I have with Hades is that it reminds me too much of Wizard of Legend, though I’m pretty sure that’s more of a me thing.

Speaking of old games, I miss Dead Island Epidemic. Also horrible but very fun.