JM 321 Released

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I didn’t end up coming up with any better really awful jokes that worked, so Loredaemon it is. I was stuck between that and Deemunlawd for a long time, and decided that while the latter was more amusing, it was also too memey to fit in this particular situation.

On another note, I think I’m finally done messing around with Hades. Fun game. I wish there was a little more variety and that the combat was a little less traditional or more fluid. There was a bad eastern MMO I played a while ago that implemented this type of combat in a way that was much more entertaining than is typically done in the western sphere. I believe it was called HeroWarz, and it was effectively more actiony while retaining the same set of concepts. Game itself was horrible, but their approach was something I feel like Hades’ devs could’ve benefited from analyzing, as Hades was far too easy to master for veterans of the genre. Though, I suppose few would know of such an obscure, poorly received game, let alone bother studying it. Another minor gripe I have with Hades is that it reminds me too much of Wizard of Legend, though I’m pretty sure that’s more of a me thing.

Speaking of old games, I miss Dead Island Epidemic. Also horrible but very fun.

6 thoughts on “JM 321 Released

  1. Oh yeah, Hades was amazing! While I agree it was too easy, I’ve seen many of my friends play and fail so utterly bad…


  2. I wouldn´t translate the surname in the first place.
    Its a personal name and such things are usually not translated.


      1. Sorry i meant it for names of persons. For things like places, regions, species its true that there can be other pronunciation or just other words in different languages (Bavaria/Bayern as a sample).
        You wouldn´t translate the authors name to Dragondragon either.^^

        But nvmd just wanted to point u a way out of the translation problem for a joke that doesnt work in english anyway.^^


      2. Again, multilayered misconception. I know exactly what you meant, and you’re 100% wrong. Anything can, and under circumstances, should be localized. Choosing to omit a joke altogether is far egregious than any sort of modification.

        While it is true that one would not necessarily translate the author’s name for this novel in particular, applying a single rule to all circumstances is a telltale sign of an inexperienced or unskilled translator. An easy counter example to your argument comes in the form of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, which should have had both its title and author name localized given that they exist entirely for comedic effect. Another very clear-cut counter example is Pokemon. The game would be much less appealing to the broader audience if the ratio of translated names and untranslated names was flipped on its head.

        Also “dragondragon” isn’t even remotely close to being a correct translation of the author’s name… Neither half is correct… It means something more like flowing elegance…

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      3. Okay that makes sense. Sorry for the trouble. Iam not an native english speaker, so sometimes iam not sure if my points come accross. Thanks for ur patience and all ur hard work on this translation. ^^


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