JM 322 Released

Chapter <-

Time to whale for the stupid half kirin. I’ll probably post some thoughts when next chapter gets released, but I’m fairly confident that I know exactly how it’ll go even without touching the character myself given all the leaks and whatnot. Her numbers look ridiculous, and she basically completely outclasses the five stars in the three banners that preceded hers.

Really wish she still had cryo damage instead of crit damage as her ascension bonus, but I suppose it might not be an issue if Ascension 4’s bonus applies to her ult… That’s probably the first thing I’m testing.

3 thoughts on “JM 322 Released

  1. I’m gonna run her with Mona and the four piece blizzard strayer. With their Mona’s skill to keep ’em wet and Ganyu’s frostflake arrow I’m gonna have 100% crit all the time


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