JM 323 Released

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The halfgoat is broken beyond belief. Does nearly double Diluc’s DPS on a single target and makes him look like a child if paired with someone capable of grouping mobs together. The ult is capable of doing 3500% damage to every target in a mob at skill level 1. That’s even higher than XQ’s single target damage.

I guess they wanted to avoid another Zhongli situation now that they’ve finally put out a girl (that isn’t a literal child.) Albedo was pretty bad too… Literally negative damage for well geared melt/vape comps.

On the other hand, given numbers and leaked info, I think Xiao’s probably going to be really bad unless you can get him to C6, at which point he becomes about as strong as a C4 Diluc. Prior to that though, you might even be better off with Razor…

10 thoughts on “JM 323 Released

  1. That bad… I have xiao spear and try to save for him, but feel like not pull for cocogoat seem like a big mistake given how broken she is.


    1. The spear can be recycled and used on another character! Tbh I don’t even think it’ll be BiS in him anyway. He would probably prefer Hutao’s spear… It takes too long to ramp up given the duration of his ult, lack of energy regen during it, and its lack of compatibility with supporting characters.


  2. XD seems game balance will go out of the window for some time and new chara will be more op than the last.

    a way to get more irl mora i guess.


    1. Nah, MHY is pretty good at keeping extreme power creep at bay. There will inevitably be some amount of power creep over the years but if GGZ and HI3 are anything to go by, MiHoYo won’t ever let power creep get out of control.


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