JM 324 Released

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Send help. Quarantine is making me fat. Ring Fit and Beat Saber aren’t enough. Jogging outdoors isn’t helping either. I’m losing muscle mass at a pretty unsettling rate given that I can’t camp at the gym for like an hour or two a day anymore (or even go at all because it shut down altogether), so I can’t eat as much as I’m used to eating without suffering… consequences. Maybe I should buy an elliptical…

On the bright side, I’m getting better at cooking. My repertoire has expanded significantly since quarantine began.

12 thoughts on “JM 324 Released

  1. Might be time to invest in some free weights. Guess one of those “personal gym” machines work as well, but then again going for a jog with 5 to 10lbs in hand(or in each if you’re overconfident) makes for a rather exhausting experience.


  2. I have a treadmill in my living room facing my TV so I just do my various dailies from various games while I walk


  3. I have a treadmill, full cardio exercise bike, step machine, dumbbells’ (5, 20, 25, 30), exercise mats, jump ropes just because I hated smelly people in the gym and paying for membership.


  4. From the experience of the people around me i would say the best the best is to set a bike, rower or treadmill in front of a tv or computer screen and do exercise while playing game or watching something.


  5. if the weather isn’t icy where you live you can’t beat sprints for fat loss and muscle gain! all you need is some low/no heel drop shoes and 100-200 meters of flat ground!


  6. Try going up and down a large flight of stairs a bunch of times. I do this with 30-50 reps, and I work up a good sweat. Or try skipping breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or cut down on the amount of junk food you eat. Skipping drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup is also a good way to cut down on sugar/calorie intake!


  7. Restrict yourself. Cut out snacks. Just stick to breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a small, healthy snack before bed. Also, stick to drinking water, no soda or anything with sugar in it.


  8. Haha likewise man. That reminds me, have you guys seen the ads for the that ‘workout device’ called the “The Mirror” or some such? I always get a laugh out of the commercial for that ridiculous product though I imagine the company wasn’t exactly looking for that response. XD


  9. I gotchu bro. All I do is do light workouts like 100 pushups everytime ur free or done a game or every few hours or so


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