JM 326 Released

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I’m out of games to play again. Thinking about picking up either Skul or Noita, but I can’t decide which. I’d get both, but I think I’ve been playing more than my fair share of roguelikes lately, and I’m probably going to get bored of them soon.

Why can’t the next big MMO release sooner?

Honestly, the one I’m really looking forward to right now is the Project BBQ, but I highly doubt the west is getting that for another like five years. And honestly, I’m probably not really looking forward to it as much as I think I am at this moment. Unfortunately, being highly critical of games is a skill I need to retain, else I could be a lot less of a grinch.

13 thoughts on “JM 326 Released

  1. I’m thinking of hooking up my Gamecube again. I just finished Hyrule Warriors AOC and gotta say I was disappointed with it. It doesn’t feel like there is much replay value to it.


  2. Re: MMO – Final Fantasy 14 maybe? The free trial is unlimited time (with a few minor restrictions in-game) and goes up until the end of the first expansion right now.


  3. I’m spending way too much time in VRChat.
    Tried half-life alyx a few days ago but moistened my pants almost immediately after entering the dark section, so i gave up on that.


  4. Have you tried GBGW yet? I remember posting a few games in a list a few weeks back… Or how about Dragalia Lost, it’s a good iPhone MMO game with an interesting story and cool events with crossover events with other series characters, plus the log-in rewards are generous and not stingy!


  5. I played Skul and it’s a pretty fun game where you are learning how do to do new stuff all the time but the ending after you beat the final boss is really shitty.


  6. At least, you’re not playing Fortnite out of boredom. New games are comming and I’m still waiting after Baldo comming out. As for Genshin Impact, just pulled Ganyu without having to pay to get her (anyway, what’s the point of dropping cash on gambling).


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