JM 335 Released

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Been silent for a while because I’m planning on maybe churning out a LitRPG of my own. Started as a joke, but I’m having some fun with it. It’s a good way for me to vent a lot of my creative frustrations given the inability to make my own MMO. Yet. All I need is 500m in funding, give or take 50%, and a talented team of half a thousand staff members.

Maybe it’ll happen one day…

On another note, Staff of Homa is coming out in an hour. Best in slot for both Xiao and Hu Tao. Though that may not be the case for the former specifically if you have C6.

JM 333 Released

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Today, an old lady stared at me as I hauled a piece of exercise equipment up the stairs. Idk why she was just standing there. She didn’t even use the stairs once I finished.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been walking around the apartment complex in the middle of winter in nothing but a thin bath robe.

JM 330 Released

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The exercise equipment I’ve ordered is coming next week. Time to burn off some of the weight quarantine has made me gain… I would go outside for a jog every morning, but my area has too many people with the plague for that to be a viable option.

Well, since I’m exercising indoors, I might as well watch stuff while I’m at it. Maybe I’ll finally break my no-anime streak. I’ve kept that going for a good while now. I think the last thing I watched was Iron Blooded Orphans. Man, I love Gundam. I kinda wish Sunrise would release a new full length Gundam series. It’ll be nice to finally get Hathaway’s Flash, but I want something meatier.

JM 329 Released

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Xiao is fun, but kinda really bad if he’s not C6. He has low damage potential and poor synergy with basically all of the powerful characters. It’s a real shame. That constellation really should’ve been baseline, and all his other constellations should’ve been reworked to be more impactful.

Even with C6, he still gets outperformed by most other 5* main deeps…