JM 329 Released

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Xiao is fun, but kinda really bad if he’s not C6. He has low damage potential and poor synergy with basically all of the powerful characters. It’s a real shame. That constellation really should’ve been baseline, and all his other constellations should’ve been reworked to be more impactful.

Even with C6, he still gets outperformed by most other 5* main deeps…

16 thoughts on “JM 329 Released

  1. Really? I’ve read some posts about his numbers being slightly below diluc level at c0.
    I didn’t really read much into it though, coz I wasn’t planning on getting him anyways.


    1. If you do his animation cancels and Diluc does not do his animation cancels, they are comparable discounting reactions and gear. Diluc has better reactions, and access to crimson witch. There are no gear sets that pair well with Xiao atm.

      Admittedly, Wolf vs Jade Spear tends to swing in Jade Spear’s favour, but this does not make up for everything else. Diluc does have the weakness of ramp-up -time to consider, however.


      1. I see. Mihoyo needs to start thinking about adding more gear variety in the game, or 4* characters even. They can’t just keep spamming 5 stars into the game.


      2. Agreed. The problem with that is that it takes way too long to farm gear given the resin restrictions. Even if they did add a bunch of different stuff, we’d end up in situations where it becomes impossible to farm all of them. The same unfortunately applies to characters, though I certainly do want more good 4*s.

        Imo they really need to chill with the resin restrictions and let people farm with reduced drop rate or something when they’re out. The advantage of preventing burnout does not justify denying the experience imo. I suppose feeling that way is why I work on console titles instead of mobile games…


      3. It’s a tight rope they’re walking, leaning too much on one side makes them lose the other. Especially the resin situation.

        Because I’m pretty sure if reduced drop rate + no resin cost would just straight up lose them a ton of revenue from whales and dolphins because a large number of them love to have unlimited grinding. (Me included)

        All they can do now is monitor the situation carefully, and only ease up the restrictions when there is a noticable loss of player interest


      4. Imo, the mistake here is attempting to maximize revenue in the first place. If your product is already extremely profitable, then there is no reason to attempt to maximize enjoyment instead.

        This looks like a bad idea at first glance, but for game companies, reputation is more important than the amount of money one makes in a quarter, lest the product is failing to profit (which Genshin most certainly is not.) This is why we traditionally associate EA with scumbags, and (until recently) Blizzard with extremely high quality games. Both these companies are highly profitable, but the latter shifted towards trying to make people happy once they were satisfied with their ROI.


      5. I looked up their previous games and i think the current state of genshin is the result of Mihoyo trying something different due to the state of their previous game, Honkai Impact.

        Honkai Impact lost a lot of their players’ interest due to how grindy it was for f2p, using the model of grind or cash to progress in the game. I guess they went a little too heavy handed on limiting the grinding, they can still turn things around if they do some more surveys about the resource farming instead of satisfaction of events/characters


      6. His main problem IMO is that he was made as an anemo dps. A lot of the damage in genshin comes from reactions and anemo just dosent have big damage reaction expecially vs single targets. The only way for him to be a good dps which is all he can do anyways is with broken stats like ganyu levels.


      7. Even if he had one of the three viable damage elements, I don’t personally think he would have been all that great. His kit simply doesn’t work with most of the cast. He’s far too selfish and provides nothing to the rest of his team, whereas most of the other effective damage dealers have some sort of supportive ability (though admittedly some of them come from constelations.)


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