JM 330 Released

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The exercise equipment I’ve ordered is coming next week. Time to burn off some of the weight quarantine has made me gain… I would go outside for a jog every morning, but my area has too many people with the plague for that to be a viable option.

Well, since I’m exercising indoors, I might as well watch stuff while I’m at it. Maybe I’ll finally break my no-anime streak. I’ve kept that going for a good while now. I think the last thing I watched was Iron Blooded Orphans. Man, I love Gundam. I kinda wish Sunrise would release a new full length Gundam series. It’ll be nice to finally get Hathaway’s Flash, but I want something meatier.

5 thoughts on “JM 330 Released

  1. This anime season was so stacked that I couldn’t not watch most of them. Horimiya and Mushoku tensei really deserved to be animated and I’m happy that they did.


      1. At least you caught Koe no Katachi and Kimi no na wa. then. I don’t think there was a year after 2016 quite as KINO as that.

        If you saw Youjo Senki as well, it got a movie in place of a second season that might be a decent place to start. No virgin mecha for you, but we can offer some chad WWII vehicles.


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