JM 333 Released

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Today, an old lady stared at me as I hauled a piece of exercise equipment up the stairs. Idk why she was just standing there. She didn’t even use the stairs once I finished.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been walking around the apartment complex in the middle of winter in nothing but a thin bath robe.

3 thoughts on “JM 333 Released

  1. I love chatting up old ladies in awkward situations when they’re clearly not expecting it. They do it to me all the time, so turnabout’s fair. Also, they’re too frail, physically and mentally, to trigger my social anxiety.

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  2. >.> be careful my friend, not all of those old ladies are as frail as they act. With the pandemic keeping everyone close to home some of those thirsty granny thots might just treat you to a horror show and send a proposition not even eye bleach will cleanse away…


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