JM 335 Released

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Been silent for a while because I’m planning on maybe churning out a LitRPG of my own. Started as a joke, but I’m having some fun with it. It’s a good way for me to vent a lot of my creative frustrations given the inability to make my own MMO. Yet. All I need is 500m in funding, give or take 50%, and a talented team of half a thousand staff members.

Maybe it’ll happen one day…

On another note, Staff of Homa is coming out in an hour. Best in slot for both Xiao and Hu Tao. Though that may not be the case for the former specifically if you have C6.

8 thoughts on “JM 335 Released

  1. Not planning on rolling for hutao but still decided to roll for the staff cause its pretty nice on zhongli, I now have no staff, $10 for food for the next 3 weeks and a r2 wolfs gravestone. At least my Diluc gets a upgrade…


  2. Which language are you doing it in? If you’d consider open source, you might get a team. Possibly even as closed source you might if you offered a chance for people to help.

    (Posting as one who once hoped to do his own mmo, and settled on a partially finished MUD engine, before college took up too much time.)


  3. You only need about 10 million to develop a MMO. However, you need to have a solid idea of how the combat loop works, the overall UI layout, ideas for content, and progression in the game. Once you have the write up for the proposal, you need to realize it and avoid reworking things as much as possible. Reworking an element wastes time and kills your budget.


    1. The vast majority of games that attempt to abide by their original design end up as pieces of trash. Even the most well-concepted game loops end up as steaming piles of trash more often than not, hence why the industry hates looking for idea people in general.

      The entire game development process is about redoing things to make them more fun. Working off a tiny budget like that will really not get you anything near a high quality product, especially for something like an MMO. 500m is actually likely an underestimate as far as a AAA MMO’s budget would go.


  4. I’ve learned that most of the time, it’s not worth it to pull on weapon banners. It you do pull on it, make sure you have a lot of primogems! I’m going to save mine until a new or old character I want comes out, then maybe I’ll try pulling on a weapons banner when I have more 5* characters…


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