JM 348 Released

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It’s been a while since I’ve ordered pizza. I should get some, but sadly the best pizza place around here is probably Dominos.

Speaking of which, I just remembered their Hatsune Miku colab. Makes me laugh every time. The guy from corporate doing the commercial was so confused.

JM 347 Released

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The one thing I hate most about spring is the flies. I have no idea where they come from, but they somehow manage to show up even though all the windows and doors are always closed.

I have to spend way too much time hunting them down.

I should get a pet frog or something.

JM 346 Released

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I ran out of shit to play, so I went back to l4d2.

Now that I think about it, I can’t wait for Back 4 Blood. I didn’t end up trying it, but I’ll be happy so long as there are even some minor QoL changes compared the decade-old l4d series.

I’m now done about 5 chaps of my LitRPG. Another 5 or 15 before I start posting on RR. I’m pretty happy with the direction it’s taking, and I’m unlikely to attempt yet another rewrite.

JM 345 Released

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Doom Eternal DLC2’s ending was lame. Super lame.

Gameplay was nice, and Dark Lord was a way better boss fight than the thing at the end of the regular campaign, but the plot really wasn’t up to snuff. Not that one is meant to play Doom for the plot, but in all honesty, game would be way better if they didn’t try to sprinkle it in.

JM 343 Released

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I hate strict classes in video games. Another major issue in MMOs, besides the really shitty crafting, is that there are always a limited amount of classes, each of which has what is most likely a linear progression system that is very similar to every other class’ progression system.

I’m fine with my character being a “warrior,” but why is that the only class they have to have until they can become a paladin or a warlord or whatever?: I know it’s an older simplification, but even many of the things that MMOs are based off of have long moved past the concept of singular classes. The obsession that we have with them is absurd, especially since it is strictly not more difficult to make smaller classes that can be mixed and matched.

I don’t particularly mind if a smaller RPG experience only allows one of my characters to have a single class for lore reasons, or because each of my units is supposed to have a distinct purpose, but I absolutely fucking detest it in larger experiences meant to provide more replayability than a piece of trash like final fantasy.

JM 342 Released

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I’m surprised loop hero managed to keep me entertained for a whole six hours. Reminds me of those old flash games you used to find on newgrounds and other similar sites back when I was a kid.

And now I suddenly miss the good old days, where Alien Hominid was way more than enjoyable for me. I wish I could be less jaded. And that I didn’t work on games so my brain wouldn’t immediately jump to try and dissect them. And that I could, for once in my life, refrain from optimizing the fun out of everything.

Oh well. I guess this is why I need an MMO.

Speaking of, I finally managed to put together a draft of a skill-based crafting system I’ve been trying to come up with for a long-ass time. I absolutely abhor the crafting systems used in most games, wherein you just gather the required materials, click a few buttons, and call it a day. I think it’s fine to have shortcuts and allow that sort of behaviour for people who want to opt out, but crafting itself is just so underexplored – especially with how popular some of the games whose core loops could be adapted for it are.

JM 341 Released

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Significant part of the Chinese community is mad about the state of HT. I will be very happy if they buff her. She really doesn’t need one. My math is pointing to 525% attack DPS during her E with maxed talents. And that’s obviously ignoring the massive stat boost she gets when she presses the button.

I need more games to play. Send help. 2020 and 2021 have been empty as hell in terms of interesting releases.

Outside of the MMO realm, I think the only notable thing this year is going to be Subverse… And that one is not a game to be played for gameplay.