9 thoughts on “JM 340 Released

  1. I’m not going to buy it unless there’re new Mega Evolutions in it or new Pokemon that I don’t have yet… I think it’s a waste to buy the game even though we’ve already played through the earlier version a long time ago.


  2. Both games look like indie games. People have told me that if Zelda can pull off the Chibi/bobblehead look then DP remake can. Pokémon hasn’t exactly proven themselves to create quality games.

    Plus wtf for the open world game, even the trailer has framedrops, imagine the actual game when you play it.


  3. Thats a hard punch in the face for all fans that loved D/P/P.
    My last Pokemon Games where ORAS and XY and i think i will stay with them.
    The only remake that i would have purchased would be D/P Remakes. But not like this. ;(


  4. I thought about getting the remakes, but then I remembered Zubats are native to Sinnoh.
    Also the graphics turned me off.

    I’ll reconsider legends when it’s near release but what I see now is a definite “nah I’m good.”


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