JM 341 Released

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Significant part of the Chinese community is mad about the state of HT. I will be very happy if they buff her. She really doesn’t need one. My math is pointing to 525% attack DPS during her E with maxed talents. And that’s obviously ignoring the massive stat boost she gets when she presses the button.

I need more games to play. Send help. 2020 and 2021 have been empty as hell in terms of interesting releases.

Outside of the MMO realm, I think the only notable thing this year is going to be Subverse… And that one is not a game to be played for gameplay.

16 thoughts on “JM 341 Released

  1. If you have lots of time and want more games either FGO or PriConne are pretty fun mobile games. Especially FGO will suck all your time and money.


      1. that’s a very smart choice. Then I’d recommend the Civilization games if you like games taking days to finish.


  2. I’ve been struggling to find games to play too, even after all the dumpster diving in the indie games section.

    Things haven’t looking good for the gaming industry these few years


  3. You could try to play destiny 2 I guess, I say try because I’m 12 hours in and I still have no fucking idea what is happening or where I am most of the time. Other than that you could try something like warframe or a singleplayer rpg like the witcher, dragon age or mass effect.


  4. I don´t know if you want a tripe A experience or a indie game, but well here is my recomendation “Loop Hero” funny fact “Did you know that if your steam library excess a certain amount of games that you haven´t install it will send you a notificacion asking you if are a whale?”


  5. HaHa I kickstarted Subverse ages ago happy its finally dropping. At the moment I just been playing Persona 5 Strikers and darkest dungeon. Waiting for Monster hunter rise to come out…


  6. Why not try a game called “Among Us”? It’s not all that complicated a game and the graphics are images created in a paint program. A lot of famous youtubers play this game. Or how about trying Call of Duty Warzone? That one is also popular with many people.


  7. There’s a game called “Outriders” getting released next month.
    It already has a demo and it’s pretty good imo. Seems to be heavily story based and grafics are pretty, too.


  8. Are you into rogue likes? Loop Hero just came out and Hades almost won game of the year, both are great games, maybe you should try it. Slay the Spire is a good old game too, you sink hours into it without noticing.


  9. aint she really strong though with her E activated and just using her charge attack its like 33k shss more of a high stable dps, and tanky with all that hp.


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