JM 342 Released

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I’m surprised loop hero managed to keep me entertained for a whole six hours. Reminds me of those old flash games you used to find on newgrounds and other similar sites back when I was a kid.

And now I suddenly miss the good old days, where Alien Hominid was way more than enjoyable for me. I wish I could be less jaded. And that I didn’t work on games so my brain wouldn’t immediately jump to try and dissect them. And that I could, for once in my life, refrain from optimizing the fun out of everything.

Oh well. I guess this is why I need an MMO.

Speaking of, I finally managed to put together a draft of a skill-based crafting system I’ve been trying to come up with for a long-ass time. I absolutely abhor the crafting systems used in most games, wherein you just gather the required materials, click a few buttons, and call it a day. I think it’s fine to have shortcuts and allow that sort of behaviour for people who want to opt out, but crafting itself is just so underexplored – especially with how popular some of the games whose core loops could be adapted for it are.

6 thoughts on “JM 342 Released

    1. >A new crafting system sounds interesting, a penny for your thoughts?
      It’s a bit complicated, but basically it’s split into several minigames involving both a cognitive puzzle-like element and rhythm-based execution element in phases, with the former determining the difficulty level of the latter.

      Likewise, enchanting/upgrading is a system that focuses on a different puzzle-like cognitive structure, with the execution element being based on the time consumed and number of mistakes.

      >What game do you work on or are working on?
      The system I described does not pertain to any of my professional work, the details of which I will not disclose due to NDA. But it’s AAA stuff.

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      1. That actually sounds like a system I was imagining. Use totally different games for each crafting skill because you don’t want them to all feel the same. Also the more different mini-games you have the more likely a player will like one of the mini-games even if they don’t like what the crafting skill produces. Like imagine someone becomes a forge master not because they use armor, but because they like the forging game. That is a goal.

        One thought I had was to have “easy” crafting where you just want to produce an average item. Consume material, short mini-game, and you create a narrow range of results. A great success here either produces more of the average product than expected or returns some materials. Failure gives you a lesser product or just fails.

        Actual crafting takes time. You don’t just play one mini-game and call it done. You play the same game several times, and maybe multiple kinds of mini-games to modify properties. Up to a minimum threshold the mini-games are additive. Each session adds to completing the final product. After the minimum threshold to complete the item has been met, you can ‘refine’ the item. Usually you select one of the mini-game scores you performed up to this point and you erase that score and play the game again. You want to try for a better score. The final product’s quality is based on the average score between all games.

        You should also be able to add elements to the mini-games to add properties to the item. Think of it like a bonus objective and keep a score on how often those objectives are completed and depending on how many optionals are done more properties can be added to the final product.

        Some crafting skills should produce batches of products in the ‘real’ crafting system. Food, potions, ammunition and other consumables should produce batches depending on the amount of raw material set at the beginning, and the size of the batch gets reduced the more mini-games added into the process. The same batch of resources used to produce 1,000 fine arrows might only produce 160 razor arrows because a lot more effort went into the better arrows. A player should be able to add more materials during the crafting process, but only to maintain the max batch size.

        The other thing I wanted to do with this crafting idea was to not have separate crafting skills. What you can craft is determined by your skills. So fire mages can put fire attributes into items they craft. The better you are at something, the better crafted items made by you could potentially be.


  1. Yeah, easy to agree considering that one of the best crafting games is Cooking Mama, the series has some great games but you know… What about other types of crafting? Aside from some indie and educational games, it really is underdeveloped in the non VR gaming spectrum.


  2. The moment I read Loop Hero I was like that´s my boy, since I was the one who recommend it, but well looking at it while writing, I don´t know if you decided to play because i said so or because the shit sell half a million copies since the last post.

    Regarding your desire to play an MMO to optimize the fun out off it I don´t suggest it, it will cripple your soul you should first find a bunch of people that wants to play or are already playing an MMO an then play with them. It will be more enjoyable.
    Bueno cuidate y intenta disfrutar la vida, Zizar.


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